Learn how empathy and expertise come together for complete care across the state.

Most people, when it comes down to it, want health care that combines a couple of important things: expertise along with empathy. That's our goal too – and it's precisely the type of care we're committed to delivering. We're collaborating across a statewide system of hospitals, combining the latest advances in care and our history in these communities, all to serve North Carolina. Expertise and empathy. That's complete care, and it's found in towns across the state.

Henderson County

The charming and adventurous home of empathy and expertise, spotting risks for a whole community.

Pardee Hospital has launched a new Virtual Screening Center, a free tool offering step-by-step risk assessments for various health issues. Each screening reviews hereditary and behavioral factors, then provides the participant with a comprehensive report going through each factor and outlining steps to consider. It’s a smart new way to educate more people about the “big picture” of their health.

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Caldwell County

Thetight-knit and outgoing home of empathy and expertise, saving limbs and lives.

By bringing the endovascular team and podiatry from private practices Horizon Surgical Specialists and Horizon Foot & Ankle together in one location with Caldwell Memorial Center for Wound Treatment, the limb salvage team at Caldwell Memorial is successfully treating patients who might otherwise face amputation. Their whole-person approach has worked with more than 1,000 patients and helped to reduce the rate of below-the-knee amputations for area patients by 70% since the team came together in 2010; and it continues to change lives. Janie Billinger praised the team not only for saving her foot, but for the personal and understanding manner in which they did it. “The team members are wonderful,” she said. “Everyone at Caldwell Memorial is wonderful.” And the best part? Instead of losing her foot, Janie walked her daughter down the aisle.

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High Point

The handcrafted and global home of empathy and expertise , using YouTube to fight infection.

With a dozen short, informative videos about everything from pre-pregnancy considerations to how to know your “Flu I.Q.,” The High Point Regional Health Minute is bringing advanced, yet approachable health knowledge to more people in the Triad. Local residents can see the clips on the 6:00 p.m. Fox news each Tuesday and Thursday, on the 5:00 p.m. WXII news each Monday and Wednesday, or review the whole series on High Point’s YouTube channel.

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Chatham County

Chatham 1 Chatham 2

The down to earth and artistic home of empathy and expertise that saved a teen's life.

It started as a small scratch on a Siler City teen’s leg. But thanks to the keen eyes and attentive nature of the staff at Chatham Hospital, in collaboration with doctors at the UNC Medical Center, Austin Campbell’s scratch was diagnosed as something much worse: A serious, life-threatening Strep and staph infection. Paying close attention to Austin’s situation and intervening early saved this young man’s leg – and his life.

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Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill 1 Chapel Hill 2

The scenic and scholarly home of empathy and expertise, in multiple dimensions.

Before performing a particularly tricky surgery on a delicate portion of the middle ear, researchers at the UNC School of Medicine looked for a way to better understand the patient’s unique anatomy, and even “practice” the surgery beforehand. Their solution: a 3D printed model. By using a CT scan, a software program, a 3D printer and a lot of determined dedication, doctors can now reduce errors – and give the patient a better picture of what to expect with their procedure.

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Wake County

The civic and savory home of empathy and expertise, for personal goals.

When John Edens, an 85-year-old patient at UNC REX started having chest pains and shortness of breath that were severely limiting him in his daily life, it was quite a challenge: John’s age made him a bad candidate for traditional heart surgery. A team of doctors worked with John’s team to perform an advanced procedure known as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement, or TAVR, repairing John’s aorta without having to stop his heart or open his chest. This high-tech approach worked alongside a relatively low-tech factor—personal motivation—to help John make a full recovery. His doctors knew that Mr. Edens really wanted to dance with his granddaughter at her upcoming wedding, and thanks to his team at UNC REX, he was able to do just that.

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Nash County

The hardworking and lighthearted home of empathy and expertise, and recognized for it.

In recognition of its people’s hard work and dedication to caring for some of Nash’s most seriously ill patients and their families, Nash Health Care Systems was honored with the Silver Performance Achievement Award from the American College of Cardiology. This signifies the hospital’s success in implementing a higher standard of care for cardiac patients, and highlights a commitment to both data-driven improvements and overall quality of care. Sarah Heenan, Executive Director of the Heart Center, said “We are so proud to receive an award that recognizes the efforts of the entire hospital and the superior care that is provided here.”

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Johnston County

The historic and generous home of empathy and expertise, connecting patients with expert burn care.

Johnston Health was one of the first hospitals in the UNC Health Care system to adopt the telemedicine program that connects Johnston Health with burn specialists at the NC Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill. Through technology now enabling live examinations from doctors 60 miles away at the Jaycee Burn Center, this program offers an innovative solution for helping patients in Johnston County get expert care.

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Physicians Network

Delivering empathy and expertise across a dozen counties.

The more than 42 practices and over 220 physicians in the UNC Physicians Network are providing a full range of primary care and specialty services to people in 12 counties throughout North Carolina. By helping each practice provide complete care to patients, UNCPN makes the expertise and empathy of the UNC Health Care system available to more of North Carolina.

UNC Physicians Network is proud to announce Level III recognition as Patient-Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) for no fewer than eight practices: University Pediatrics at Highgate, University Internal Medicine at Chapel Hill North, Rex Primary Care of Cary, Pittsboro Family Medicine, Orange Family Medical Group, Mebane Primary Care, Knightdale Family Medicine, Chapel Hill Internal Medicine, Chatham Primary Care and Highgate Family Medical Center. All of these practices use a “whole person” approach to caring for people, and are honored to be recognized for their success.

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Lenoir County

Home of big dreams and deep roots delivering empathy and expertise at the speed of light.

When it comes to treating cancer patients, there's not much more advanced than a linear accelerator. And the new one at Lenoir Memorial Cancer Center is more accurate and faster than anything that's been available to local residents before, cutting down the number of treatments required from as many as 45 to only five or fewer. It's one of the only such machines in the eastern part of the state, and offers patients fewer side effects in addition to convenience.

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Wayne County

Home of steadfast service and serious flavor responding with empathy and expertise to a hurricane.

Hurricane Matthew hit North Carolina in early October, wreaking havoc and causing $1.5 billion in damage. But Wayne Memorial Hospital was ready, and pulled together to keep serving patients. "Honestly, I could not be more proud," said Jeff Brogneaux, emergency preparedness coordinator. Staff worked extra shifts and traded out different rotations, even offering one another a place to stay when some were without power at home.

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