UNC Health Alliance

How UNC Health Alliance Benefits your Practice

Participation in UNC Health Alliance can benefit your patients and practice in a number of ways, including:

  • Better Patient Care
    • Offer your patients integrated care across a high-quality medical neighborhood
    • Provide patients with consistent, accessible, and affordable care
  • Improved Practice Operations and Transformation Support
    • Improve the coordination of care between primary care, specialty, and hospital-based physicians
    • Access resources to support IT integration, care management, population health analytics, and reporting
  • Professional and Network Development
    • Align with leading brand, state-wide network, and financial strength of UNC Health Care
    • Access resources for continuous learning and education
    • Qualify for appointments to key leadership roles and have a real voice in how things work
    • Receive support from a network of colleagues, hospitals, and ancillary providers, all focused on the same goals
  • Competitive Financial Position
    • Partake of low-risk membership (non-exclusive, maintain practice autonomy)
    • Participate in value-based payer contracts and be a preferred provider in narrow network arrangements