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Introducing UNC Health Alliance

UNC Health Alliance is a physician-led network of UNC Health Care and community providers that are transforming the way care is delivered to our patients. Our organization includes community providers, UNC Faculty Physicians, UNC Physicians Network, and providers employed by UNC-owned and other providers affiliated with UNC Health Care.

UNC Health Alliance, as a clinically integrated network, delivers high-quality accessible care for patients through collaboration, sharing best practices, and leveraging the collective knowledge of our providers to benefit the communities we serve.

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What is a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)?

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Simply, a CIN is an organization of providers (hospitals and physicians in this case) who collaborate to improve quality and control health care costs and are able to contract together to achieve their goals.

Why was UNC Health Alliance created?

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The Health Alliance was created to engage providers in the transformation of care for the patients served by UNC Health Care as market reform moves from volume-based to value-based reimbursement.

Why is UNC Health Alliance necessary for our future?

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UNC Health Alliance recognizes the changes occurring in the health care landscape and addresses the need to stabilize premiums and manage costs, while still improving quality and efficiency.

What are the goals of UNC Health Alliance?

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The main goals of UNC Health Alliance are to transform care delivery, lead the market in high-quality, cost-efficient care, and become the preferred partner for providers, employers, and payers in North Carolina.