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Why Join UNC Health Alliance?

New models of payment and care delivery require an integrated medical neighborhood dedicated to provider success. UNC Health Alliance provides a rare opportunity to community providers to benefit from UNC Health Care’s reputation, technology, and infrastructure to integrate services across the medical neighborhood and to deliver high-quality, cost-effective care to the residents of North Carolina. We are committed to primary care practices and supporting patient-centered medical homes through new and innovative approaches.

Benefits for Providers

By joining UNC Health Alliance your patients and your practice will see numerous benefits:

  • Your patients will receive consistent, accessible and affordable care with tools and strategies that help them manage their own care, and keep you in the information loop every step of the way.
  • Your practice will see improved operations through aligned coordination of care between primary care, specialty, and hospital-based physicians and access to care management, population-health analytics and IT integration support.
  • Your providers will see strong professional development and networking opportunities through association with a leading medical center, access to continuous learning and education through our Learning Series, and the ability to be appointed to leadership roles within the Health Alliance and have a real voice in how things get done.
  • By joining the UNC Health Alliance – a non-exclusive membership that maintains practice autonomy – you will be part of a movement to stabilize insurance premiums and manage costs while improving the quality and efficiency of health care in North Carolina. You will become a preferred provider in a narrow network arrangement of value-based payer contracts.


What is a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)?

Simply, a CIN is an organization of providers (hospitals, physicians, mid-level providers, and ancillary services) who collaborate to improve quality, control health care costs, and work in partnership to provide coordinated care to better the patient experience.

Why create UNC Health Alliance?

UNC Health Alliance was created to empower providers to shape the transformation of care as market reform moves from volume-based to value-based reimbursement. Partnering with a world-class academic medical center allows UNC Health Alliance to utilize the statewide “footprint” and financial position to support network initiatives.

Why is UNC Health Alliance a good idea and necessary for our future?

Providers, patients and payers all recognize the changes occurring in the health care landscape and the need to stabilize premiums and manage costs while improving quality and efficiency of care. By working together, and led by physicians, the UNC Health Alliance will transform health care for North Carolinians.

What are the goals of UNC Health Alliance?

The main goals of UNC Health Alliance are to:

  • Transform care delivery by creating a physician-led, integrated network that is accountable for the full continuum of care
  • Lead the market in high-quality, cost-efficient care through population-health management that engages patients in the ownership of their own care
  • To be the preferred partner for providers in North Carolina through a culture of collaboration and care transformation
  • To remain the preferred partner for employers and payers who are aligned with the goal of creating more value for patients and adapting to the changing health care landscape

What is the governance structure of UNC Health Alliance? 

UNC Health Alliance is governed by a physician-led Board of Managers. Our physician Board members equally represent UNC employed and community providers, as well as primary care and specialty providers. Five committees, representing a similar structure, report to the Board of Managers and include:
•    Performance Metrics & Quality Committee
•    IT Committee
•    Payer Strategy & Contracting Committee
•    Care Transformation Committee
•    Professional Standards & Credentialing

What is the role of the provider in UNC Health Alliance?

By joining UNC Health Alliance, providers have a voice in designing the cultural and practice transformation that is inevitable as the industry reforms. Our governing Board and underlying committees are made up of practicing providers from our communities and UNC Health Care.

How does a practice or provider join UNC Health Alliance?

To join, practices sign a formal agreement that requires a commitment to collaborate and adhere to the policies and procedures of UNC Health Alliance.

How will UNC Health Alliance change the way practices operate?

This is the content area for Panel 8UNC Health Alliance practices will implement Expected Practices developed by providers within the network to ensure optimum patient care. Data and information sharing among network practices will allow us to review and report on quality and efficiency measures selected by the Board. Practices will have access to additional benefits such as expanded networking and professional development opportunities and a comprehensive online educational program

Are practices required to use a specific Electronic Health Record (EHR)?

No, practices are not required to have a specific EHR. Data sharing between providers is necessary to support the information aggregation, analysis, and reporting needs of UNC Health Alliance to fulfill clinical integration. Therefore, we will establish technology solutions to exchange information.

Are there fees due or exclusivity to join UNC Health Alliance?

Joining UNC Health Alliance currently has no membership fee, and no exclusive membership requirement.

What are the eligibility requirements for participating providers?

Credentialing providers requires an active professional license, active DEA, medical practice insurance, and Board Certification (there may be exceptions and grandfathering upon initial recruitment of providers). Participating providers must also have a desire to clinically integrate their practices with UNC Health Care and other participating community practices.

Does UNC Health Alliance require hospital admitting privileges?

No, members of UNC Health Alliance may be in good standing on the medical staff of a UNC Health Care affiliated hospital or meet other criteria as determined by the Board.

How will UNC Health Alliance affect provider compensation?

UNC Health Alliance supports our members through a variety of contracting payer mechanisms ranging from quality incentive programs to premium-based relationships.

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