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UNC Helipad Safety Guidelines

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UNC Carolina Air Care Helipad Information


Helipad Expectations for Visiting HEMS Providers

All visiting flight crews are requested to review this new information in addition to all of the information available on this page.

All aircraft shall unload their patient/s with the aircraft fully shut down. If the situation occurs where a patient is in extremis and the flight crew determines that a “hot” off-load is warranted, a special request must be made prior to landing to unload while the aircraft is running.  The on-board crew will be responsible for unloading the patient.

At no time will the Air Care crew assist in unloading a patient during the aircraft shut-down process while the rotor blades are turning. The rotor blades must come to a full stop prior to approaching the aircraft. We would also request that no other program unload a patient during this time where there is no control of the rotor blades.

Safe arrival, departure and ground operations of the aircraft (AC) are the primary concern. At no time will the pilot in charge (PIC) make any maneuvers that will cause a safety issue for the AC operations. Whenever possible, the PIC will make every effort to avoid overflying the hospital. However, if for any reason (i.e. weather/wind conditions) the PIC deems it necessary to overfly the hospital, he may do so as needed. This protocol insures that there will be no changes or modifications in flight patterns or operations that might jeopardize safe AC operations.

Refueling At UNC

Unfortunately, UNC Carolina Air Care is unable to provide fuel to visiting HEMS providers.

Landing At UNC Hospitals

Any program intending to land an aircraft at UNC Hosptials should be familiar with the above policies. Please contact the communications center "FlightWatch" at least 10 minutes prior to landing on UHF frequency TX 466.875 PL 110.9 RX 461.875 PL 110.9 or Unicom 123.05. Also, please have your communications center contact FlightWatch at least 30 minutes prior to your aircraft arrival if possible. This will give us plenty of time to clear the helipad if needed. FlightWatch can be reached at 919-966-2944.
UNC Hospitals GPS coordinates are N35 54.2 W79 02.8 Visiting aircraft are typically requested to land on the south helipad unless otherwise directed by FlightWatch.

UNC South Pad     north pad

Departing Aircraft

All departing aircraft are requested to contact FlightWatch prior to lifting and shall be supplied with wind and traffic information.

Visiting Medical Crews

Carolina Air Care medical staff may or or may not be available to assit incoming flight teams with off loading and patient delivery to the elevators and /or receiving unit in the hospital. The elevators are located in the Air Care lobby and stretchers are available in the lobby as well. Some common recieving locations are the E.D. which is located on the basment level,  the ICUs are located on the second and fourth floors of the main hospital and burn unit is located on the fifth floor of the main hospital. Visiting pilots are requested to remain in the Air Care department in the event that a reposition is required.


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