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Shared Governance Model


Shared Governance Model

The mission of each Council is as follows:

Nursing Executive Council -

The Nursing Executive Council provides leadership and direction to all Nursing Councils. It serves as a clearinghouse for issues being presented and disseminates them to the appropriate Council for action. In addition, the Nursing Executive Council provides final approval for all Nursing Council recommendations.


Nursing Diversity Council -

The Nursing Diversity Council provides support for the development and implementation of diversity initiatives within nursing, and works to foster a respectful, culturally appropriate environment for patients, family, and staff members.


Nursing Practice Council -

The Nursing Practice Council implements and maintains standards of clinical nursing practice and patient care consistent with evidence-based practice and requirements of regulatory agencies.  


Nursing Quality Council -

The Nursing Quailty Council monitors the appropriateness and effectiveness of the care provided by the nursing staff while assessing and ensuring compliance with established standards of care and practice.


Nursing Research Council -

The Nursing Research Council assists nurses with the implementation of evidence based practice as well as mentoring staff to understand, evaluate, and conduct nursing research.


Nursing Professional Development Council -

The Nursing Professional Development Council defines, implements, evaluates, and maintains educational standards that promote professional growth, development, and ongoing clinical competency for staff and identifies strategies to promote retention of the professional nurse.



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