Answers to Commonly Asked Questions on your Physicians & Associates Bill


1. I have received two bills for my visit to UNC Health Care. Is this correct?

Please expect to receive a bill from Physicians & Associates, for the physician and provider portion of the services. In many instances, you may also receive a bill from UNC Hospitals for the use of facilities. Check your statement to see if it is a P&A statement or a UNC Hospitals statement. If it is a UNC P&A statement, you may call (919) 966-2211 or toll-free (866) 482-4072 for assistance with billing questions. If it is a UNC Hospitals statement, you may call (919) 966-1234 for assistance with billing questions.

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2. I had service there from a work-related accident and my lawyer wants a detailed description of my charges related to this injury. Who do I call?

Please call P&A Patient Services at (919) 966-2211, toll-free (866) 482-4072 or see one of our Financial Counselors at the time of your appointment.

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3. What is the difference between office-based and hospital-based outpatient visits?

The hospital manages hospital-based clinics and physicians manage office-based clinics. Insurance companies may treat services provided in a hospital-based clinic differently. If your visit was in a hospital-based clinic, you may be responsible for a different co-payment and/or deductible based on your insurance company's policy. If you have questions about what your insurance will charge, please contact the Member Services department of your insurance company.

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4. If I am responsible for a co-pay, deductible or other charges, will I be asked to make this payment on the date of my service (at the time of check in or when I leave)?

You may be asked for payment of co-pay, deductible or other payment. This varies depending on the service you are having. If you are unable to make payment and decide to request financial assistance, or if you wish to make a payment prior to the date of your service, you may contact P&A Patient Services by calling (919) 966-2211, toll-free (866) 482-4072 or visiting our office at 143 West Franklin Street, 6th floor.

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5. Who do I call regarding my eligibility and benefits under my insurance plan and the amount of my co-pay, coinsurance or deductibles?

You may obtain this information by calling:

  • Your employer's "Benefits Manager" for details about specific coverage, In/Out of Network Providers, and other concerns, or
  • Your insurance company's Member Services" Department for vital policy and plan information that is needed. For the insurance phone number, please refer to your insurance card.

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6. If I do not bring my insurance card(s) with me when I come for my service, how will my insurance be filed?

UNC Healthcare requires a copy of your current insurance card(s) when you register. The information on the card enables UNC Hospitals and P&A to submit your insurance claim in an efficient manner. If you do not have your card(s) at the time of your admission or service, we may not be able to process your claim for you, and you may be responsible for payment.

During your admission or service, you may bring your insurance cards to your point of registration. After you are discharged from the service area, you may fax or mail a copy of your card to us. However, there is no guarantee your insurance will retroactively approve the service or admission, and you may be responsible for payment.

  • Fax: (919) 966-8796
  • Mail:
    UNC Physicians & Associates, attn: Patient Services
    PO Box 168, Chapel Hill NC 27514

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7. Does my physician participate with my insurance plan?

This information is available by calling the Member Services department at your insurance company.

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8. What if I need P&A to release my private health information to a spouse, family member, guardian, friends or legal representative?

If you are a patient and need P&A to release your information to someone other than yourself (i.e., spouse or parent), please complete the "authorization release form". The form may be obtained from any designated customer service representative, or by calling (919) 966-2211 or toll-free (866) 482-4072.

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9. What if I do not have insurance and cannot pay my bill?

UNC P&A understands that medical costs and billing are usually unexpected and may be difficult and stressful to manage financially. To assist you, P&A offers payment options and assistance.

  • To establish a payment arrangement, call P&A Patient Services at (919) 966-2211, toll-free (866) 482-4072 or see one of our Financial Counselors at the time of your appointment.
  • You may be eligible for insurance through state or federal programs, and P&A can help you to get this coverage. Please see one of our Financial Counselors at the time of your appointment for more information.
  • Financial and charity assistance is available. Please see one of our Financial Counselors at the time of your appointment for more information.

We will help you or your authorized representative determine the program for which you may qualify. Information provided is kept confidential, as are all applications and financial assistance forms.

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10. I received a letter from the state Department of Revenue that says P&A has collected a portion or all of my tax refund. How is this possible?

According to a law called SODCA (Set Off Debt Collection Act), P&A and UNC Hospitals must collect all or part of a taxpayer's state income tax refund to settle his delinquent debt with us. In these instances, the patient has had more than 90 days to pay the charges in full, or call us to establish a payment arrangement or other payment method.

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11. A collection agency called me about a delinquent P&A account. Who should I call about this?

P&A uses two external collection agencies to process accounts that have been in "patient pay" for a minimum of 90 days with no action taken by the patient to call P&A Patient Services to set up an arrangement or pay the balance in full. You should contact the collection agency directly with questions about these charges.

  • OSI: (800) 967-2070
  • JLWalston: (800) 489-7999.

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How to Contact Us

Please contact us Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., during or after your visit to request assistance or report any additions or changes to your insurance coverage:

UNC Physicians & Associates
Patient Services

· Telephone: (919) 966-2211, toll-free (866) 482-4072
· Fax: (919) 966-8796
· Email: unc_pa@unchealthcare.org
· Office location: 143 West Franklin St, 6th Floor

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