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Donor DonatingIf given the opportunity, and it didn't cost anything, would you help save a life?

Donating platelets is another way to help us in our fight to heal others.  When apheresis donors are called to donate, they know someone is in dire need of a blood component that only qualified donors can give.  If you have ever donated blood, then you know how it feels to save lives.  UNC Health Care's Blood Donation Center was founded in 1997.  Our mission is to collect platelets for the patients at UNC Health Care.  As the hopsital continues to grow the need for platelets increases as well.  Platelets are only good for 5 days; therefore the need for platelets and platelet donors is constant.


In 2009 UNC Health Care used an average fo 350 platelets a month.  UNC Health Care's Blood Donation Center collects 210 platelets a month.  WE NEED PLATELET DONORS LIKE YOU...............

  • to help cancer, transplant and trauma patients.
  • to assist people who are undergoing open-heart surgery and who have blood disorders.
  • because only 5% of the poplulation donates blood products.
  • to help an important community responsibility that everyone can do together. 


When life hangs in the balance, one donor can make all of the difference in the world!

UNC Health Care Blood Donation Center

3rd Floor NC Cancer Hospital

101 Manning Drive

Chapel Hill, NC 27514

(919) 966-2370





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