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Optional Services

The following services are available if indicated or at your request but may incur additional fees and may require an extended stay.

  • Screening Colonoscopy – Recommended every 5-10 years for persons over the age of 50 or in younger patients at high risk. An additional day is necessary. Virtual colonoscopy (by CT scan) is available but rarely covered by insurance.
  • A complete skin exam with one of our dermatology faculty
  • A complete eye exam with one of our ophthalmology faculty
  • Complete cardiovascular ultrasound screening for carotid artery disease and peripheral artery disease. (Abdominal aneurysm screening is standard in some)
  • Echocardiography
    Cardiac stress testing with stress echocardiogram or nuclear scanning
  • Coronary CT calcium scoring – this is an abbreviated CT scan of the chest that can detect calcifications on the arteries of the heart that may indicate coronary artery disease.  Insurance does not cover this service, therefore $ 300 will be due the day of the visit.
  • CT coronary arteriogram (may be indicated if a patient has a positive stress test. This is a non-invasive test looking for blockages in the coronary arteries

International travel services are also available including vaccinations and recommended prescriptions for foreign destinations.

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