UNC Health Compliance Office

We are Committed to a Culture of Compliance

Jeri Williams PhotoCompliance is the obligation to act ethically and in accordance with the Code of Conduct, applicable UNC Health and entity-level policies, and relevant laws, rules, and regulations. Everyone working with UNC Health (including employees, physicians, contractors, vendors, and volunteers) is accountable for compliance results. Compliant behavior is expected at all times in all UNC Health facilities.

You can help foster a culture of compliance by always abiding by applicable policies, laws, and regulations. Your supervisor can help you understand the expectations for your work area. If you have doubts about whether something is compliant, speak up and ask your supervisor, department leader, or Compliance Office for clarification. Promptly report concerns to your supervisor, the Compliance Office, or the Compliance Hotline.

Our Compliance Program has Seven Elements

Click on the icons below to learn more about each element. Employees may also review the Hospital Compliance Program Policy and Physician Compliance Program Policy in PolicyStat.

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Code of Conduct and Policies

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Training and Education

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Disciplinary Guidelines

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Auditing and Monitoring

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Responses to Detected Deficiencies

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How to Report an Incident

    Contact Us

    To report a known or suspected compliance concern, please contact the UNC Health Compliance Office by email (below), or online.

    Contact Us

    To report a known or suspected compliance concern, please use our Compliance Hotline.

    You may raise compliance questions at any time by contacting your entity’s Compliance Officer.

    You may also contact the UNC Health Compliance Office or Physician Compliance Office.