Compliance Program Oversight

The UNC Health Care Compliance Program is authorized and overseen by the Finance, Audit, and Compliance Committee of the UNC Health Care Board of Directors. Additionally, Network Entity Boards of Directors may oversee implementation of the Compliance Program at the entity-level.

The Compliance Program is administered by the Compliance Office, led by the Chief Audit and Compliance Officer (CACO). System Directors, entity-level Compliance Officers (or Assistant Directors), and Compliance staff support the CACO and are responsible for the day-to-day implementation of the Compliance Program.

The Compliance Program receives support from Executive Leadership, Committees, and applicable Roundtables.

The Compliance Office does not make operational decisions, but is available to advise and assist with applicable policies, rules, and regulations.


Additional resources are available to you on the UNC Health Care Audit, Compliance and Privacy Services SharePoint, including: