Reporting Concerns

Communicating with Compliance and Privacy Services

We are here to listen. Please review the video and/or the information below on how to report a Compliance and Privacy concern.

Anyone may raise issues, concerns, and complaints anonymously. Providing sufficient information to permit an investigation and some contact information allows Audit, Compliance and Privacy (ACP) Services to follow up in a thorough manner. ACP Services will keep the identity of the report confidential, to the extent possible.

Retaliation is not permitted against anyone who seeks advice, raises a concern, or reports misconduct to ACP Services in good faith. Suspected retaliation should be reported immediately to Audit, Compliance and Privacy Concerns.

Please feel free to raise any Compliance or Privacy concerns by:

  1. Contacting your local Compliance Officer or local Privacy Officer;
  2. Contacting the UNC Health Chief Audit and Compliance Officer (984-974-1027 or;
  3. Emailing the UNC Health Compliance Office, UNC Health Physician Compliance Office, or UNC Health Privacy Office;
  4. Utilizing the Hotline to voice a Compliance or Privacy concern (1-800-362-2921 or; or
  5. Mailing questions or concerns to: Audit, Compliance and Privacy Services / UNC Health / 5221 Paramount Parkway / Suite 430/ Morrisville, NC 27560