Compliance Training and Education

New employees are educated on the Compliance Program (including the Code of Conduct and Compliance Office functions) during the orientation process.

Additionally, the Compliance Office provides mandatory annual Compliance training (including the Code of Conduct) for all employees through computer-based and/or in-person training sessions. The Compliance Education Policy (available to employees in PolicyStat) governs timely completion of required Compliance training by the UNC Health workforce.

The Compliance Office periodically distributes regulatory updates to department leadership and staff through targeted email alerts, newsletters, a monthly WebEx series, and in-person training. The Compliance SharePoint site (available to employees) provides additional educational material to support the Compliance function. Department leaders are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their department is compliant with new laws and regulations.

Certain Compliance information is provided to contractors, vendors, and agents as necessary or appropriate, through the Purchasing Department and other sources.

Additional Resources include:


UNC FP and PN Providers

Non-Employed Workforce Members

Applicable volunteers, shadows, interns, students, and other UNC Health workforce members may be assigned annual mandatory compliance training through LMS or through the following online module. If you have been assigned the online module, please complete both the learning and attestation portions of the module.

After submitting the attestation at the end of the module, learners (except for UNC MC volunteers) will receive an email confirmation that they should save for their records and also provide to their applicable supervisor, coordinator, head of their sponsoring department, or other individual responsible for tracking their training.

  • Annual Mandatory Compliance Training (combined module)

    How to Take this Course:

    UNC Health offers the following tips to ensure successful completion of the non-employee module:

    1. Please use Internet Explorer or Google Chrome to complete the module
    2. If you are using a MAC, please use Firefox, as Safari causes known errors
    3. Please do not take this module on a cellphone or tablet
    4. Clicking too quickly through the module can cause the module to freeze up