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Accelerated Training Options

Individuals who have used Epic at another hospital/clinic in the last two years, in the same role, can take a test to potentially place out of certain Epic@UNC Instructor-Led Training. The roles allowed to follow this accelerated process include:

Accelerated classes

The Inpatient Provider 100 instructor-led training is still required for both of these options.

Additional Pharmacy training may be required depending on your training track.

Test outs

Completing these test outs will replace classroom training; some classes may still have prerequisite instructor-led training, like Inpatient Provider 100

Accelerated Option for any employee that has used Epic@UNC at one UNC Health hospital and is now working at another UNC Health hospital

Any employee who has worked at a UNC Health facility using Epic@UNC in the last six months may not need to attend class because they would have already completed the required training. This only applies if the user will be in the same exact role at that new location.

If you have any questions on eligibility for this, please contact

To qualify for the Accelerated or Test out, a user must:

      • Have used Epic in a prior hospital, in the same role, within the last two years
      • Have a UNC Health Active Directory username and password
        • If you are unsure of your username/password, contact the Service Desk at 984-974-4357
        • If you do not have a username/password, either you or your manager can create an ARC Request (UNC Health log in required) through ISD
      • Have access to the Epic@UNC Playground through My Apps.
        • Log in to the UNC Health Web Portal using your UNC Health Care User Name and Password (the same credentials you use to login to LMS).
          • NOTE: If you do not know your UNC Health account credentials (user name and password), contact the Help Desk at 984.974.4357.
        • If you are at a location that is not connected to the UNC network (home, coffee shop, etc.), then go to step A.
        • If you are on the UNC network, skip step A.
          • If you are not on the UNC network, after log in, the system prompts you to either send a push notification through Duo to your phone OR enter the access code provided in the Duo mobile app. (see tip sheet here:
            • If you chose to send a Push: the Duo app on your phone prompts you to allow the sign in. Once you do so, you are automatically logged in to MyApps.
            • If you chose to enter a Passcode: open the Duo Mobile app you installed on your phone, and tap the key icon next to the UNC Health Care option. Enter the six-digit passcode in the box, and complete your log in to MyApps.
        • Once logged in to MyApps, select the Epic@UNC folder and select the Playground icon.
        • Confirm that the log in screen of Playground opens up, since you will need access to this application to answer the questions in the accelerated assessment. [The specific account to use will be indicated on the tip sheet for your role in the hyperlinks up above]
      • Have access to the SumTotal Learning Made Simple (LMS) system in order to access the assessment. LMS is also available within the MyApps website above.

If you cannot login to LMS, MyApps, and/or the Playground environment, or if you do not know your UNC Health Care login/password, contact the ISD Service Desk at 984-974-4357.

Registering for the Accelerated Class Questionnaire to determine eligibility

      1. Within the LMS application, click on the magnifying glass in the top right, type in accelerated class and press Enter.
      2. Click the down arrow next to the Select button and click Register.
      3. Click Submit
      4. Click Start and then Start again
      5. Answer the two questions within this questionnaire and then select Submit Assessment.
        • If you did not receive a 100% score, please register for all of the classes within your Training Plan or Curriculum.
        • If you did receive a 100% score, you may register for the appropriate proficiency assessment for your role. Specific instructions are available in the tipsheets hyperlinked above by role.

If you have any questions, please contact the Epic@UNC Training Team at