Super User Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign-up to become a Super User?

Fill out the Super User form.  If you have questions, reach out to

How are we determining the number of Super Users each work area needs?

Epic has provided ratios for each application and the roles involved to use as a guideline. In total, we hope to identify dozens, if not hundreds, of Super Users at your facility.

Why are we being asked to identify so many staff members as Super Users?

During the period immediately after go-live, we will have concentrated resources on-site including support from Epic, contract companies and other Epic@UNC users from within our system.

Are the Super Users from my work area going to be sent to other work areas to help?

No; it is the priority of each Super User to assist their co-workers and colleagues within their own work area. Sharing Super User resources with similar work areas may be an option as end users develop self-confidence and proficiency.

Is there any monetary reimbursement for being a Super User?

At this time there are no plans to offer any additional reimbursement to Super Users in addition to regular hourly/salaried rates.

What is the plan to provide support during the go-live for work areas that cannot give up the recommended number of Super Users?

During the period immediately after go-live we will have concentrated resources on-site including support from Epic, other Epic@UNC users from within the system, and contracted consultants. These consultants, along with our internal Epic@UNC super users, will help address any issues that arise during each Epic@UNC go-live.

How much time is required of a Super User away from their regular job before the go-live date?

Each Super User is asked to review a Super User Onboarding Boot Camp in LMS.  You can also search in LMS for "Epic Super User Bootcamp"), once you login, to register and take this curriculum.

Then, after completing their entire Training plan, Super Users are required to repeat all of your classes as a Super User teaching assistant UNLESS they have more than 16 hours of classes. If Super Users have more than 16 hours of class, they only are required to repeat 16 hours of classes.

Super Users also assist in pre-scheduled dress rehearsals and readiness sessions prior to go-live. Also, Super Users will participate in WebEx sessions to discuss their role and learn more about the support process. We also expect a Super User to spend a lot of time in the Epic@UNC Playground and encourage their co-workers to do the same. All of these commitments could require many hours of time outside of normal work commitments, but having strong super user dedication is one of the most important factors in success during an Epic@UNC go-live.