Training Methodology

Learning Epic@UNC involves a blended approach of e-Learning courses, hands-on classroom instruction, a post-class assessment requiring a score of 80% or better, access to a playground environment for self-initiated practice, and proficiency checks with a Super User from your work area.

Practice using the Epic@UNC Playground reinforces proficiency and confidence prior to go-live.

Providers gain production access during the Personalization and Voice Recognition Lab to customize their own profile using Smart phrases, text, commands, etc. Continuation of profile customization is an option at provider labs within hospital locations prior to the date of go-live.

e-learning, Class Registration, & Assessments

Completion of the correct role-based Training Plan (during a go-live) or Curricula (outside of a go-live) is the responsibility of each co-worker and his/her manager to ensure Epic@UNC application access is correct.

UNC Health Care's SumTotal LMS (Learning Made Simple) tracks registration, completion of e-Learning courses, class attendance, and assessment scores for demonstration of proficiency.

Role-based Training Plans in LMS

Each Training Plan or Curricula in our Catalog combines e-Learning and role-based core instructor-led courses required for access to the Epic@UNC application.  Training Plans (during go-live) and Curricula (outside of go-lives) include courses from one or more Epic@UNC Applications.

Each role-based Training Plan is configured in the LMS to assist end users with the registration process to ensure completion of each training activity to gain access to Epic@UNC.

Course Catalog

During a new go-live, the Course Catalog is organized according to Epic@UNC Applications and provides the following details about the courses in your Training Plan:

Info Epic@UNC Training Course Details
Epic@UNC Course The name of the course
Course length Length of the class. Breaks are included - a 60-minute meal break is included for courses 6 hours or longer.
Roles Who performs the work
Course description High-level course summary
e-learning Online lessons to help prepare for the instructor-led class. An average of 5-10 minutes for each e-learning.
Course Prerequisites Course(s) that must be completed before taking course listed.
Post-learning Recommended learning following the class to advance knowledge and skill.
Class location If class located somewhere other than Learning Street.

e-Learning Courses

The e-Learning courses provide an efficient method to begin learning about the Epic foundation system. These courses serve as pre-learning or prerequisites to instructor-led classes and refreshers for workflows, navigations, and functions of the Epic applications.

Take advantage of the opportunity to take as many e-Learning courses as you like while preparing for our Epic@UNC implementation.

The average duration of each e-Learning course is between five and fifteen minutes.