Training Portal for Remote End Users

Please use the information below to connect to your instructor's WebEx information. The following criteria must be met; otherwise, you may need to report to your hospital location and attend remotely from there. Contact your orientation staff or education director to find a training location.

Bring headphones (preferably with a microphone) so you can listen to the class without disturbing other users in the class, who may be taking different classes.

If you are having trouble or have questions, please contact .

Requirements to be met for Remote Training to Occur

  • User must have a dedicated space and time to complete training - do not plan to train and work at the same time.

  • User must have access to a desktop or laptop computer (not a tablet or smartphone device) with a minimum of Windows 7 operating system and a physical keyboard.

  • User must have a reliable internet connection at home or at your training location. If you do not have an internet connection, check with your cell phone service provider to see if your phone can be used as a hotspot (data charges may apply).

  • Computer must have access to Internet Explorer or Google Chrome. Download either of these browsers prior to class, if needed.

  • At least one day prior to training, the end user must be able to access UNC Health's My Apps site - (If user has Citrix access to another institution, they still need to download UNC Health’s application and you likely will be prompted to download the appropriate Citrix Receiver. More information can be found at this MyApps Set Up link (requires login)

  • User must install Duo Mobile App for 2-Step Verification on their Smartphone or tablet - details located here at

  • User must know User Name and Password prior to day of remote training. (If unsure, call the orientation staff at your organization, your manager, or the ISD Service Desk to obtain this information.)

  • Able to access your UNC Health email to get LMS notifications, which will include the WebEx hyperlink needed to join class - go to and use your credentials. Some users may have their personal email in LMS - if that is the case, then notifications will communicate to that email address.

If the above criteria cannot be assured by the user and their organization, a user will not be able to join the scheduled WebEx class and will need to reschedule for the next class offering.

If user encounters technical problems during download of MyApps or Duo Mobile App, the ISD Service Desk will offer assistance 24x7 at 984-974-4357. You must do this before you are scheduled for class!! If you have questions for the training team, please contact .

Important Things to Consider

  • User should avoid using Apple devices for training, including iPads, iPhones or MACs, due to possible compatibility issues.

  • At the discretion of the training staff, the user may need to take additional Epic e-Learnings if the user has never used Epic before, or has minimal experience. The user must view any recommended Epic e-Learnings for their job role prior to their scheduled class (es).

  • User must be prepared to participate in training for entire length of scheduled class.

  • Instructor/trainer has the right to terminate training at any time (even if not complete) if above conditions are not maintained for the duration of the class.

Additional Criteria that would Enhance Learning Experience, but is not Required

  • Access to multiple monitors or computers – one to watch the Webex or online course and one follow along in the Playground environment.

Crosswalk of Instructor-led classes that have been converted on Online Courses

Please reference this crosswalk for Epic@UNC Curricula that contain converted online training. For a full list of instructor-led courses that are now in an online format, view the Converted Courses tab.

Other Support Resources

As a new employee you may have information technology questions, such as checking email, changing your password, where to save Word documents, and who do I contact for support. One of the best resources for access issues and 'how do I' is your manager/ supervisor as well as co-workers in your department. In addition, click the links below for more information about various topics which may help answer some questions.

To find this page: Go to MySupport@UNC > in the search box type 'new employee'

KB0022254 is a great place for new employees to start.
General Tips
Password Management / MyAccess
  • EIN (Employee Identification Number) is included in the body of an email from HR and is sent to the new hire's personal email account. Managers receive a spreadsheet containing EINs for all their new hires a few days before their employee attends orientation.
  • Register password security questions & answers at

MyAccess KB0021383

Logging in

  • Log into PCs, laptops, Epic@UNC, LMS and email using your UNC Health Care Domain account.



  • MyApps (Citrix Access) - The UNC Health Care Citrix portal "MyApps" provides access to enterprise applications (including Epic@UNC) at work via the MyApps icon, and at home via .
  • If you choose to access Citrix applications remotely, enrollment in 2-step verification is required. Learn more about 2-step verification and the Duo app in the user guide at

MyApps KB0020602

Duo KB0020334

Virtual Desktop

  • A generic virtual desktop is available by launching Desktops, My Desktop within MyApps. If you don’t have Desktops in the top bar, request access in ARC (explained below).

  • Access your UNCHealth email from any location, any time, by using and dual authentication.
  • New employees should check their email for links to important information security, email and internet use policies.

Email KB0021097

LMS – Learning Made Simple

(Online Learning)

  • LMS is the UNC Health Care System online learning platform. Log into MyApps first, then click LMS.
    • Annual assigned compliance courses
    • Professional development; Skillsoft courses
    • Epic@UNC classes
    • Training locations
    • Certifications and transcripts

Go to MyApps, click LMS