Jenessa McElrathJenessa McElrath, MHA, 2017-2019
Undergraduate: Carrol College
Graduate: University of Washington

I'm grateful for my time serving as an UNC Hospitals Administrative Fellow. I entered the fellowship with only classroom-based exposure to the opportunities and challenges health care administrators are faced with daily. The mentors, directors, and frontline staff I worked with during the fellowship engagement shared their time and knowledge generously throughout the year to facilitate my education. Leadership provided broad project exposure and parallel support to help ensure my success. UNC Hospitals’ unwavering commitment to teaching gave me the confidence to conclude my fellowship feeling prepared to pursue health care leadership and empowered to move the needle in improving health care equity and access.

Manisha H. GoyaniManisha H. Goyani, MHA, 2019-2020
System Manager, Network Development, UNC Health Alliance
Undergraduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
Graduate: Virginia Commonwealth University

My fellowship experience at UNC REX was very comprehensive. I gained valuable leadership skills, project work, and executive mentorship that created a rewarding experience. As a fellow, I was able to work directly with executive leadership on system projects, department goals, and strategic initiatives. Being mentored by the entire leadership team provided a diverse learning environment throughout my fellowship year. I am very excited to continue my career at UNC Health after my fellowship and look forward to growing in my new role.

Max Fairclough, MHA, 2018-2019
Max FaircloughOperational Project Manager, Clinical Operations Support, UNC Hospital
Undergraduate: Brigham Young University
Graduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The administrative fellowship experience at Caldwell UNC is a truly unique opportunity to learn hospital operations in a community hospital setting. I found the leadership of the hospital to be highly invested in the growth and development of both me and the fellowship program as a whole. During my year as a fellow I was able to build a strong foundation that has positioned me well for post-fellowship opportunities due to the project-based learning. I am grateful for the experience I had during my fellowship and would highly recommend it for anyone interested in gaining exposure in a community hospital.”

Mary Winters BusMary Winters Bus, MHA, 2015-2016
System Manager, Network Affiliations, UNC Health Care
Undergraduate: University of Michigan
Graduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"The UNC Hospitals offer letter began with the words, Welcome to the UNC Hospitals Executive Team; From that point forward, my year as a Fellow was a fully immersive experience. The UNC Hospitals Fellowship is a unique opportunity to see how decisions are made at the highest levels of an organization, and to support the strategic and operational initiatives of a growing health care system as a member of the executive team. I was thrilled to continue my career at UNC after the fellowship, and lucky to bring the experiences and relationships with me into my new role."

Yessi Won, MHA, 2014-2015
Yessi WonDirector of Clinical Programs, UNC Family Medicine
Undergraduate: University of California, Irvine
Graduate: George Washington University

The administrative fellowship at UNC Hospitals was a career changing opportunity for me. Because of its long history and institutional support, I was encouraged by all levels of management and senior leadership to participate in and lead projects that interested me. The experience and relationships I have gained through the fellowship have helped me build a solid foundation as a growing leader. I am humbled and proud to be an alumnus of the program.

Alexander Nance

Alexander Nance, MHA, 2012-2013
Operational Project Manager
Outpatient Care Services, UNC Health Care Undergraduate: The Pennsylvania State University, University Park Graduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

I am truly grateful for having had this amazing opportunity to participate in the UNC Hospitals Administrative Fellowship. I would highly recommend this program to anyone considering it. As a graduate of the program, I learned first-hand how UNC is committed to meaningful hands-on education and the professional growth of its Fellows.  I am a more insightful and confident leader as a result of the ongoing mentorship and diversity of leadership experiences gained during my time as a Fellow.

Lauren Romano OnkenLauren Romano Onken, MHA, 2007-2008
Executive Director, Heart & Vascular
Undergraduate: Virginia Tech University
Graduate: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

My experience as a UNC Hospitals Administrative Fellow was incredible! Todd Peterson allowed me to pursue projects independently, but also provided me with the unwavering guidance and support of a mentor. I gained tremendous knowledge and perspective from our discussions about the history of UNC Hospitals that would have otherwise been impossible to achieve. I was also given the freedom to explore all aspects of the Health Care System with the full support of the entire Administrative Team. The Fellowship gave me the skills and professional network to flourish as a future leader in health care.

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