Executive Committee and Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes

Quarterly Meeting - 9/13/2021

Quarterly Meeting - 12/15/2021


If you see us at UNC Medical Center and want to chat, always feel free to ask or send us an email.

Fazila Aseem
Neurology PGY-4
E-mail: fazila.aseem@unchealth.unc.edu

Leslie Appleton
Internal Medicine PGY-3
Email: leslie.appleton@unchealth.unc.edu

Emma Bick
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics PGY-2
E-mail: emma.bick@unchealth.unc.edu

Carolyn Tsai
Neurology PGY-4
E-mail: carolyn.tsai@unchealth.unc.edu

VP of Quality Improvement
Juan Mira
Surgical Oncology PGY-9
E-mail: juan.mira@unchealth.unc.edu

VP of Well-being
Selena An
General Surgery PGY-3
E-mail: selena.an@unchealth.unc.edu

VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion
Fernando Diaz
Hematology Oncology PGY-5
E-mail: fernando.diaz@unchealth.unc.edu