Personal Health Advocate

Our Team

RN Case Manager

Our Personal Health Advocate Case Managers are trained registered nurses dedicated to helping you achieve your health goals, understand and manage your chronic conditions, and assist with access to healthcare professionals and resources. Our Case Managers will work closely with your current primary care provider to create an individualized 90 day care plan to support you in accomplishing your health aspirations.

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Our Licensed Clinical Social Workers work with patients’ comprehensive social care needs including behavioral health counseling, connections to support groups, and stress management. Our Social Workers can address barriers to care and provide a wealth of education and resources.

Registered Dietician

Our Registered Dieticians are available to provide medical nutrition therapy and coaching to help patients achieve their health goals. They are able to assist with weight management, diabetes, hypertension, and other chronic conditions that can be significantly improved through better diet and lifestyle choices.

Care Coordinators/Health Coaches

Our Personal Health Advocate Care Coordinators introduce participants to the program and assist in developing health goals. Care Coordinators are also available to support patients in navigating the health care system and direct referrals to primary care providers and specialists.

Transitions Coordinator

Our Transitions Coordinator provides helpful coaching, education, and resources to patients recently released from the emergency room or following a hospital encounter. Transitions Coordinators can assist with scheduling follow-up appointments with your primary care provider or referrals to specialists or other services as needed.


CAMP is a pharmacist-led program that offers medication management. Our CAMP team provides education regarding proper medication use, resolution of problems, and making the most of your medications in order to reach your health goals.