Care Access and Service Integration

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Care access aims to provide patients with timely access to their preferred providers through a simple process that enhances the patint, provider and care team's experience with access to care.

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Care Access & Service Integration (CASI) Coaching

Coaches work directly with clinic leadership and staff in project waves. Each wave is 4 months in duration and includes educating managers about access metrics and dashboards, observing access workflows, coaching management and staff on principles that support improved access, and changes they can make to improve. Each wave wraps up with a tollgate meeting, and a transition to sustainment. Coaches develop and maintain various reports and tools to work with clinics and management, many of which are located on the CASI Resources Site. There are system-wide Care Access policies in place that support core access principles, including referrals management, provider schedule design, managing no-shows and late cancellations, scheduling and wait list management, and phone system management.



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Care Access Support Team (CAST)

Schedule Build Optimization aligns provider schedules with the Care Access Template Tool Policy, and has shown significant improvement in schedule utilization post alignment. Online scheduling is leveraged by all of our primary care clinics, and we are expanding into several specialties with the goal of making this the preferred way to schedule appointments. Care Transitions Scheduling allows inpatient coordinators to schedule hospital follow-up appointments directly with a new Primary Care Provider (PCP), the patient’s PCP, or a member of the PCP team. HealthLink is also able to direct schedule new or return ACO patients for same day/next day appointments as well as patients who are looking for a new PCP.

Provider Data Integrity (PDI) ensures that contact information and taxonomy codes for all referring providers from outside of UNCHCS are added, verified, and up-to-date. PDI allows for seamless transfer of patient notes and imaging through the patient’s health record.