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Statement from UNC Health Care on
Resolution of State Health Plan Access


UNC Health Care is pleased to learn that North Carolina’s State Employees and Teachers will be guaranteed the access to primary, specialty and hospital care they’ve become accustomed to through the State Health Plan. That includes thousands of our own colleagues at UNC Health Care.

Statement on State Health Plan (8-7-19)

UNC Health Care has offered an alternative to the State Health Plans’ proposal that is consistent with the aims of lower costs, improved health outcomes and transparency for State Employees, retirees and their dependents.

We differ on the methodology of how to deliver these goals.

Our approach is comprehensive, and will result in a stable insurance platform for years to come.  We encourage the State Health Plan to engage with us and other providers, to sit together and create a plan for a long-term solution that’s right for North Carolina. We are eager to meet with them, and others, to make this happen. In order to expedite this, we believe a facilitated discussion can create a win-win scenario for everyone, but most importantly for our valued State Employees.

Charles Owen, III
Chair, UNC Health Care Board of Directors

UNC Health Care Statement on Clear Pricing Project

July 1st and August 5th were self-imposed deadlines proposed by the State Health Plan for signing onto the "Clear Pricing Project." Current health care contracts, for those individuals covered by the State Health Plan, run through the end of calendar year 2019.

UNC Health Care has shared its concerns regarding the State Health Plan's proposal with the State Treasurer and State Health Plan leadership. Based on these concerns, UNC Health Care has also presented the State Health Plan with an alternative approach to the "Clear Pricing Project" that would bring an end to this contract disagreement.

This alternative approach addresses many of the same principles and goals stated by the leadership of the State Health Plan. This alternative proposal focuses not only on the cost of providing care, but also on improving the overall health of state employees, retirees, and their dependents. This will be done with a specific eye on full-cost transparency.

Over the next few weeks, we are optimistic we will be able to discuss these alternatives in detail with the leadership of the State Health Plan.

With the shared goals of long-term sustainability and improved quality of care, we are confident we will be able to reach agreement in ample time to avoid any impact upon the provision of, or access to, care for state employees, retirees, and their dependents.

UNC Health Care expresses its deep appreciation for the thousands of state employees within our organization and the 720,000 state employees across North Carolina who are served by the State Health Plan. We will ensure they all have access to high-quality care through our network of hospitals and providers.

Alternative to Clear Pricing Project

UNC Health Care wants to work with the State Treasurer to come up with a solution to the State Health Plan that addresses concerns over health care costs, but maintains critical access to high-quality health care for North Carolinians. We have presented an alternative proposal that focuses on transparency and is based on five key principles:

  • Principle 1 - Reduce total cost of care for the population
  • Principle 2 - Improve clinical quality outcomes for the population
  • Principle 3 - Improve pricing transparency
  • Principle 4 - State Health Plan and partners to implement full financial plan
  • Principle 5 - Provide a stable transition to a long-term sustainable State Health Plan

We recognize there may be other ideas and solutions, as well, and we are committed to collaboratively working with the Treasurer and State Health Plan leadership to come to the best solution for the state.

News Coverage & Editorials

Letter Introducing Alternative Proposal

Also embedded below is Dr. Wesley Burks' cover letter to State Health Plan Administrator Dee Jones introducing the UNC Health Care alternative proposal. Dr. Burks is the CEO of UNC Health Care and the Dean of the UNC School of Medicine.