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Ways You Can Help

Many people have questions about the COVID-19 vaccines. While researchers, elected officials and healthcare experts have been working hard to ensure people feel informed and confident about the vaccines, sometimes conversations that happen directly between individuals and among community groups are the most effective.

Sharing accurate information from trusted sources can reduce misinformation and ensure our friends, families and community members have the information they need to stay safe and healthy.

Here are some ways you can help build vaccine confidence among faith-based groups, volunteer organizations, educational teams, social groups and others in your community.

All resources on this site are free to download and share.

1. Have a conversation

One of the best things we can do is have a one-on-one conversation with those who matter most to us. We don’t need to have all the answers—we can just listen, learn and share resources with those who are interested in learning more.

2. Share resources with your network

There is a lot of vaccine misinformation out there. Sharing credible vaccine information on your social media platforms and communications channels can help combat vaccine myths and ensure your community has accurate information. You can share posts on social media, send an email or text, or include vaccine information in organization fliers or bulletins.

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Booster Guidance

Read latest guidance regarding COVID-19 vaccines- who is eligible, which vaccine needs a booster, and more.

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