Help Save Our Ears, illustration of mask helpers

How to Make Mask Helpers

Please use the links below to help you get started with your preferred method. These are only examples, please make anything you like!

3D Printing Options

Surgical Mask Ear Saver - by Mattias Jonsson

Sewing options

How to Sew an Ear Saver for an Elastic Mask by Sweet Red Poppy

Face Mask Ear Saver by Crafty Daily

How to Crochet a Headband Mask Helper by Fiber Flux

Easy DIY Ear Savers by the Craft Patch

Sew a Headband that Converts to a Full Coverage Scrub Cap

Surgical Cap from Sweet Red Poppy

Please add buttons to help relieve ear pressure.

Please note: For sewn items, please use washable fabrics.

Other examples:

Headband with Buttons

Headband with buttons

Scrub Cap with Buttons

Scrub cap with side buttons

Bouffant with Buttons

Bouffant cap (please add buttons):