Joining the UNCHA

Why Get Involved in a Clinically Integrated Network?

The health care landscape is rapidly changing and creating uncertainties for both hospitals and providers. Provider contracting will face drastic changes over the next one to two years, as health care costs continue to increase at an unsustainable rate. As a result, networks across the nation are rediscovering the mutual benefits and synergies of working more closely together. We believe that a clinically integrated network is the best way to achieve cooperation among physicians and hospitals, as well as achieve the best patient outcomes.

Why Join UNC Health Alliance

UNC Health Alliance, in its partnership with UNC Health Care, allows for the shared learning of a broad, statewide “footprint,” while utilizing a world-renowned Academic Medical Center. Our network provides an equal partnership between independent community providers and UNC Health Care providers to help guide the transformation of health care within North Carolina. UNC Health Alliance has developed a Learning Network, supported by an academic infrastructure, to proactively provide best practices and evidence-based medical education to network providers. Joining UNC Health Alliance as a community provider will allow you to participate in the evolution of care within North Carolina and move towards the completely integrated health care, while maintaining the independence of your practice.

For more information, fill out the Provider Contact Form and a UNC Health Alliance representative will contact you.

Benefits for Members:

Benefits to our contracted members include:

  • Centralized network of doctors collaborating to deliver the highest value of care
  • Increased access points and convenient places to receive health care services
  • Enhanced coordination and communication among providers
  • Increased information sharing among providers
  • Easier transitions and navigation throughout the healthcare system with dedicated individuals to answer questions and simplify access to UNC Health Alliance services

For more information, fill out the General Contact Form and a UNC Health Alliance representative will contact you.

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