Living Healthy with Diabetes Classes

Managing diabetes can be hard. UNC Community Health is here to help. We offer a free six-week Living Healthy with Diabetes class. The program will help you set goals and learn healthy coping skills in a judgment-free environment.

About the Class

The class uses the Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP) curriculum. The class covers topics like exercise, healthy eating, and managing stress. Participants receive a free book and items to support healthy lifestyle choices. Each class has 10-12 students. Classes meet twice each week for about one hour.

All adults with Type II diabetes are welcome. You do not need to be a UNC patient to participate. Classes are taught in English. Spanish classes are coming soon!

Classes are offered online and in person. We use WebEx for online classes. WebEx works on computers, smartphones, and tablets. Test out the WebEx platform before your class here. Contact us for details about in-person class locations.

Sign Up Today!

Email or call 984-974-8024 to enroll. If you are a UNC Health provider, submit a referral using order NUR 971. If you are a UNC CareLink user, submit a referral using the Community Health Request (under Procedures  Referral Orders  Other). 

Our Instructors

Trained community health workers teach the Living Healthy classes. Community health workers help others improve their health and connect to healthcare and other resources. They will work with you to make managing your diabetes less stressful. 

Brandon TealBrandon Teal received a Bachelor’s of Science in Behavioral Health from North Carolina Central University. Brandon started his career working in Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools in special education and family advocacy. He also worked as an Outreach and Inclusion Director for the YMCA of the Triangle. He is now a community health worker with UNC Health. Brandon is a Board Member of the North Carolina Community Health Workers Association. He is a certified Living Healthy with Diabetes instructor. He has a passion for serving his home state of North Carolina. He focuses on working with patients to address their nonclinical needs and being a resource for all. When Brandon is not working, he enjoys spending time with his family, participating in outdoor adventures, and enjoying different cuisines.

Gwendolyn VinsonGwendolyn Vinson received a BS in Business Administration from North Carolina Wesleyan College in 2007. She has worked as a community health worker for the past 10 years with Strengthening the Black Family, Wake County Medical Society Community Health Foundation, Balm of Gilead Inc., and UNC Health. She is a certified Living Healthy with Diabetes instructor. She has facilitated many Chronic Disease, Diabetes and Chronic Pain Self-Management Program classes in Wake and Johnston Counties. She is also a certified Master Trainer and has helped others earn their Living Healthy certifications. As a community health worker, Gwendolyn builds bridges between individuals, communities and healthcare systems. She facilitates access to services and improves the quality and cultural competence of services for the community.

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To learn more about the Living Healthy with Diabetes program, call (984) 974-8024 or email