UNC Health Alliance

UNC Health Alliance is UNC Health’s statewide, physician-led clinically integrated network and Population Health Services Organization. We are transforming healthcare delivery and payment models on behalf of over 7,200 physicians, including community-based, independent physicians along with those affiliated with UNC Health.

At the heart of each patient’s care is a primary care physician. UNC Health Alliance unites patient care across settings – primary care, specialists, hospitals and after-care facilities – to ensure that all care is coordinated, and that the patient receives the programs and services to help them achieve their well-being goals.

UNC Health Alliance Provider Network

Network stastics for providers, faculty physicians, physicians and providers employed by UNC owned and managed hospitals. Details to follow.


  • 7200 providers with 2600+ independent providers
  • 1500 primary care providers with 5100 specialty providers
  • 170 specialties and subspecialties covered
  • SNF preferred network; home health preferred network
  • 950 locations in 48 counties with 11 hospitals
  • 36% independent providers and 64% UNCHCS employed providers

Your Health Alliance provider can offer case management services to eligible patients who have complex healthcare needs. Learn more about case management services, patient rights and responsibilities, and how to submit a complaint. [En español]

Through UNC Health Alliance, our practices offer innovative programs and services to improve the health of our patients across North Carolina. See our offerings and talk to your primary care doctor about which services could benefit your health,

Annual Wellness Visits

These visits occur once a year for Medicare beneficiaries and focus on prevention, screening, immunizations, and setting self-management goals.

Behavioral Health

Licensed Clinical Social Workers provide integrative, therapy for up to 12 visits focusing on short-term interventions and goal-setting. Visits can be virtual or in the clinic.

Nutrition Services

Registered Dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy, intensive behavioral therapy, and grocery store tours to help address disease specific nutrition needs. Certified Diabetes Educators provide group diabetes education classes and medication titration. Nutrition services can be virtual or in the clinic. 

Medication Adherence & Reconciliation

Registered Nurses, Pharmacists, and Pharmacy Technicians review medication lists and outreach to patients after a hospital discharge to help them understand new medications and changes to their health.

Short Transitional Case Management

Registered Nurses provide coaching, education, and resources to patients following a hospital encounter. They assist with scheduling follow-up appointments with the patient’s primary care provider or referrals to specialists or other services as needed.

Diabetes Management

Registered Dietitians & Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialists offer diabetes assessments, self-management education, medication titration, and retinal imaging. Retinal imaging can take place virtually or in the clinic.

Case Management

Patients receive access to a multi-disciplinary care team of medical directors, nurses, pharmacists, dietitians, social workers, and care coordinators who provide wrap-around, complex management to help them better understand and manage their healthcare needs.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians provide coaching, education, and resources for medication specific needs for patients who need to take 5 or more medications.

Patient Outreach for Preventive Screenings

Patients can be reached by phone, text, or MyUNCChart messages, as well as mailings, to make sure that important or overdue appointments for preventive health screenings and immunizations are not missed.

Community Health Worker Home Visits

Community Health Workers can visit with patients at home to help with complex needs and provide chronic condition self-management education

Medical Appointment Transportation

Transportation to and from medical appointments can be arranged for some Medicare patients who have no other transportation options. Only available in Chatham, Caldwell, Durham, Johnston, Orange, Nash counties.

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UNC Health Alliance consists of independent providers, UNC Health faculty physicians, UNC Physicians Network, and providers employed by UNC-owned and -managed hospitals. You can search our network to see if your provider is a member:

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