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UNC Health Care Collaborates with Apple

Published on January 29, 2018

UNC Health Care Collaborates with Apple

UNC Health Care is collaborating with Apple on the early release of a new health records feature in the iPhone Health app.

Read a memo from Dr. Roper about the partnership.

Dear Colleagues,

iPhone with health records app displayedI am excited to share news with you that was announced this morning. UNC Health Care has collaborated with Apple on an early release of a new health records feature in the iPhone Health app.  This new capability will make patients’ clinical health records accessible to them on their iPhones.

The new Health Records section of Apple’s Health app will initially be available to the patients of only 12  institutions as part of the iOS 11.3 beta.

UNC Health Care is the only health system in North Carolina participating in this beta test with Apple.

The new Apple Health app will allow patients to seamlessly download their electronic health record data from participating provider organizations, including UNC Health Care’s My UNC Chart, and integrate with Apple’s existing personal data tracking and reporting features. Patients will have more direct connection with their health data, and more easily use their data to take better control of their personal health. In addition, this functionality will offer new and exciting opportunities for patients to use their health and fitness tracking data in collaboration with UNC Health Care providers to inform and improve their overall care.

Only employees and patients who have signed up for Apple’s beta program and have a My UNC Chart account will initially have access to this new feature and may begin connecting to UNC Health Care to access their health records via the Health app.  In this very early stage of the collaboration with Apple, most employees and patients will not yet have access to this new feature.  However, we felt it was important to share this very exciting news with you right away.

We are proud that Apple selected UNC Health Care to help launch this new capability. The Apple announcement is online here.

Bill Roper, MD, MPH
CEO, UNC Health Care
Dean, UNC School of Medicine