Hospice Care

Hospice care with UNC Health is built upon a foundation of compassion and comfort. Our hospice providers help patients experiencing advanced illness and support family members and caregivers. Our hospice care includes support from pain management to spiritual support and may be offered at home or in a care facility.

Your care is designed by your providers just for you so you can live comfortably and fully.

Our Services

UNC Health offers hospice care programs to meet your individual needs. Services may include:

  • Medical care focused on pain management and symptom control
  • Counseling or support group resources
  • Medical supplies and equipment
  • Physical, occupational and/or speech therapy
  • Spiritual care, including chaplain services, if requested
  • Volunteers who can provide companionship, run errands or help around the house

Your hospice care team can also provide support for your loved ones, including grief and bereavement support and resources, when needed.

Our Service Locations

Hospice care is available at five locations throughout our state. The type of care -- at home, in a facility or virtual -- offered at each location varies. Explore the options available in your area to see what may work for you.

Hospice Care at Home

Hospice care can be offered in your home so you can find comfort in your own space. Three of our hospice programs offer care at home.

  • Johnston Health Home Hospice Care: Hospice caregivers with Johnston Health’s Home Hospice Care program provide compassionate care at home. They focus on easing your symptoms and providing support for you and your loved ones. Visit Johnston Health’s Hospice Care page for more information, or call (919) 938-7560 to learn more.

  • Nash Home Hospice Care: Nash UNC Health Care offers hospice care in your home that allows you to spend more quality time with your loved ones. Care includes physical, social, emotional and spiritual support to meet your needs. Learn more on Nash UNC Health Care’s hospice care page, or call (252) 962-8124 to get started.

  • UNC Hospice Care: The UNC Hospice program of UNC Medical Center provides compassionate care at home in addition to care at the SECU Jim and Betsy Bryan Hospice Home of UNC Health Care. The focus is on comfort. Care is holistic and addresses the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of patients and caregivers. Learn more about UNC Medical Center’s hospice care at home on their site, or call (984) 215-2650.

Hospice Care in a Facility

Hospice care can be offered in care facilities. Depending on the program, we offer hospice houses as well as support in your chosen nursing or assisted living facility.

Virtual Hospice Care

UNC Rockingham Health Care offers a unique Virtual Hospice Partnership with Hospice of Rockingham County. This program allows hospice patients to receive hospice care while they remain in the hospital. Learn more about UNC Rockingham Health Care’s unique Virtual Hospice Partnership with Hospice of Rockingham County, or call (336) 427-9022.

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Choose the hospice care program that is right for you, and give them a call to learn more.