Frequently-Asked Questions

Below are a series of commonly asked questions about estimates. If your question is not addressed below or elsewhere, please call the UNC Health Estimates Team at (984) 215-6899, Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (except major holidays).

My insurance in My UNC Chart is not correct. How do I update it?

Call the UNC Health Estimates Team to request an update to your insurance and receive an estimate. Alternatively, you can wait until your next visit and ask a staff member to make an update then. Note that your insurance must be correct in My UNC Chart to receive an accurate estimate.

I’m not sure which service is right for me. How do I know what to choose?

Ask your care provider to help you select the appropriate service by giving you a CPT code. Note that some services provided during the same visit (ex. deliveries and newborn care) and services that depend on what your care provider finds during your visit (ex. routine colonoscopies vs. colonoscopies with a biopsy or lesion removal) may require multiple estimates to obtain a better picture of your expected out-of-pocket costs.

The estimator tells me I cannot receive an estimate. What can I do?

Contact your insurance carrier or call the UNC Health Estimates Team for more information. Certain plans and situations have special circumstances that make it impossible for the estimator to provide you an accurate estimate automatically.

I don’t see my desired service or location listed in the estimator. How do I get an estimate?

Check back at a later date or call the UNC Health Estimates Team to receive an estimate now. More services and locations will be added as we continue to enhance the estimator. Note that not all plans insurance accepted at UNC are eligible for estimates. To see a general list of accepted insurance plans, visit the Insurance Accepted page.

The estimator tells me I may have a “copay” for my selected service. How much will this cost?

Refer to the benefit materials provided by your insurance carrier. The estimator currently does not have the ability to create estimates for certain services, which may be subject to a copay. If you are still unsure what your benefits are or think a copay would not apply for your specific situation, please call the UNC Health Estimates Team.

My insurance produced an error in the estimator. What do I do now?

Manually enter the benefits that apply to your selected service (ie. copay, remaining deductible, coinsurance, remaining maximum out-of-pocket) as indicated in the materials provided by your insurance carrier. Check with your carrier to make sure you are using the latest information available as some of these benefits may change over the course of a year.

My estimate says certain services are “not included.” What will these cost?

Contact the organization or care provider in charge of delivering these services. Your care provider and selected office may be able to help you identify who will be providing these services and in some cases, you may be able to run a separate estimate to determine any additional costs. For more information, contact the UNC Health Estimates Team.

I’ve received and reviewed my result from the estimator. Now what?

Once you create your estimate, you can save it to view for up to 30 days by accepting the disclaimer at the bottom and clicking “Save”. For more information on an estimate, including a review of its accuracy and explanation of what is included or excluded, please call the UNC Health Estimates Team and have your estimate reference number available. Estimates can also be matched to an upcoming visit. Note that estimates should be created near the time of your intended visit to make sure your latest benefit information is used.

I have a question about my estimate. Where do I find my reference number?

Locate the estimate reference ID number on the estimate result and saved estimate screens next to the amount you pay. Please have this number available when calling the UNC Health Estimate Team to ask specific questions about your estimate.

I want to schedule a visit for a service I estimated. Who do I contact?

Call the office you selected to set up an appointment. If you’re not sure which number to call, call UNC HealthLink at (984) 974-6302 to be connected.

My bill is different than my estimate. What do I owe?

Please pay the amount listed on your bill. Estimates are for informational purposes only and are not guarantees of your final out-of-pocket cost for the service.



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