Language & Accessibility Services

Your positive, accessible, and inclusive experience at UNC Health is one of our top priorities. That’s why you have access to free interpreter services and disability aids at all times.

Request Help

Ask for accessibility services or disability aids at the organization where you get care. View our Notice of Nondiscrimination policy [PDF] to find the contact information of the person who can help you.

Interpreter Services

Tell our staff if you or a loved one would like an interpreter. You may benefit from an interpreter’s language assistance services if you:

  • Do not speak English or English is your second language
  • Are deaf or hearing-impaired

Our highly qualified interpreters speak languages other than English as well as American Sign Language (ASL).

Written Materials

If you have trouble reading, written information is also available in:

  • Accessible electronic formats
  • Audio
  • Large print
  • Other formats

If your primary language is not English, we can provide information written in other languages.

Large Font UNC Health Forms

The forms are available in large font in accordance with American Council of the Blind (ACB) guidelines:

Request Assistance

If you need an interpreter, please request assistance from your care team.