My UNC Chart Video Visits

My UNC Chart video visits let you access the care you need without going to a UNC Health location.

If you’re not sure if you need an in-person visit instead of a video visit, we can help you decide. Call your provider’s office to discuss your health needs and schedule a visit. If you have a cough or shortness of breath or think you have been exposed to coronavirus, call your provider’s office before visiting. If you are having trouble breathing, seek immediate attention or call 911.

Note: Your location at the time of the virtual visit may impact the ability of your provider to complete the visit.

Before you schedule your virtual visit:

New UNC Health Patients:
  • Currently we are not scheduling new virtual appointments for any patient located outside of NC due to state licensure requirements.
  • Call the provider’s office to schedule an in-person appointment.
Established Patients:
  • You may receive virtual care if you are located in North Carolina. You may be able to receive care in a few select states depending upon state licensure requirements. Please check with your provider if you are going to be located outside of North Carolina before scheduling.
  • Schedule through My UNC Chart or by calling your provider’s office directly. Please note for participating clinics, you cannot self-schedule if you select you will be out-of-state.

Scheduling a Video Visit

Thumbnail of How to Schedule Video VisitYou can schedule a video visit with your healthcare provider by calling their office during regular office hours. You can also schedule a video visit appointment with your provider by using your My UNC Chart account. Read our step-by-step instructions.

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  1. Select Visits, then Schedule an Appointment.
  2. Select Video Visit.
  3. Fill out your preferred date and time and be sure to describe the most important thing you want addressed during your visit. Click the Send Request button. A staff member will contact you to complete the scheduling process.

Preparing for a Video Visit

For a video visit, you will need a My UNC Chart account and a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access. Learn more about how to set up your technical equipment and how to start and navigate your scheduled video visit via My UNC Chart.

Instructions for Additional Video Platforms

Your provider may use additional video platform options such as WebEx Teams or Doximity to meet with you virtually during your video visit.

Please follow these instructions for guidance on how to connect with your provider via video using WebEx Teams.

Please follow these instructions for guidance how to connect with your provider via video using Doximity.

[Doximity Instructions Spanish]

How much will a video visit cost me?

Video visits will be billed to your insurance. Many insurance companies are temporarily covering certain types of video visits during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some insurance companies are waiving copay, coinsurance, and deductible amounts. Please contact your insurance plan for policy details.

Guidelines for Patient Participation

Please follow the following guidelines when participating in a video visit:

  • Treat virtual visits just like in-person visits.
  • Contact your clinic if you will be late.
  • Do not engage in any unlawful activity during your virtual visit.
  • Minimize distractions (cell phones, noises, use of motor vehicles, etc.)
  • Join your virtual visit in a quiet/private location, to protect your privacy, as well as those of others if you are participating in a group virtual visit.
  • You may only record your visit if your Providers expressly consents to the recording.

Please contact your Provider with any concerns. If you have any difficulties with the technology, please contact your clinic or the MyChart Support help line at (888) 996-2767.

Start a Video Visit PC

Learn how to start and navigate your video visit on a PC.

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Start a Video Visit Mobile

Learn how to start and navigate your video visit on a mobile device.

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Comenzar una visita por video en la computadora

Aprenda cómo iniciar y navegar en una computadora su visita por video.

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Comenzar una visita por video en un teléfono celular

Aprenda cómo iniciar y navegar en un teléfono celular su visita por video.

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