My UNC Chart Video Visits

My UNC Chart video visits let you access the care you need without going to a UNC Health location. If you’re not sure if you need a video visit or an in-person visit, we can help you decide. Call your provider’s office to discuss your health needs and schedule a visit.

Thumbnail image of Instructions for scheduling a video visit in My UNC ChartHow to Schedule a Video Visit

You can schedule a video visit directly through your My UNC Chart account or by calling your provider’s office.

  1. Select Visits, then Schedule an Appointment.
  2. Select Video Visit.
  3. Select the provider you want to see.
  4. Fill out your preferred date and time and be sure to describe the most important thing you want addressed during your visit. Click the Send Request button. A staff member will contact you to complete the scheduling process.

Read our step-by-step instructions for scheduling a video visit.

• New patients can schedule video visits from Find a Doctor directory.

• Due to state licensure requirements, your provider may not be able to do a video visit if you are not in North Carolina at the time of your appointment.

How much do video visits cost?

Video visits will be billed to your insurance, similar to an in-person visit. Please contact your insurance provider for details about your specific policy.

Preparing for a Video Visit Appointment

For a video visit, you will need a My UNC Chart account and a computer, smartphone or tablet with internet access.

Learn about setting up your technical equipment and how to start your scheduled video visit.

Schedule a Video Visit in My UNC Chart

Call your provider's office or schedule through your My UNC Chart account.

Sign In to Your Account

If you don't have a My UNC Chart account, you can sign up for one now or use the Find a Doctor directory.