Visitor Services & Guidelines

Prepare for your visit to UNC Health by learning about our visitor services and guidelines.

Dining Options

Take advantage of dining options throughout UNC Health. For your convenience, many UNC Health locations have healthy meal and snack options available in vending machines and cafeterias.

Hygiene Guidelines

For the health of all patients and visitors, do not visit a patient if you’re sick. To protect your health and the health of others, wash your hands before and after your visit.

Information Desks

If you need information at any point during your visit to a UNC Health hospital, you can request assistance or ask questions at the information desk, located in the ground floor lobbies of UNC Health hospitals.

Lost & Found

If you’ve misplaced or lost something during your visit or stay, check with your nearest nurse’s station for help. If items haven’t been found or returned, check the lost and found location in the UNC Health hospital you’re visiting.

Safety & Security

Learn about safety and security measures at UNC Health that keep patients and visitors safe.

Smoking & Tobacco Policy

All UNC Health campuses, buildings and outdoor spaces are tobacco-free. Smoking, including e-cigarettes and vaping, is not allowed.


Telephones are available in UNC Health locations, hospitals and patient rooms. Talk to your care team for help using the phones, if needed. Long distance calls must be charged to a personal calling card or credit card.

Visiting Hours

All UNC Health locations welcome visitors. Each UNC Health hospital location has general visiting hours and guidelines. Depending on where the patient you’re visiting is staying and their condition, you may find that there are special visiting hours or restrictions.

Visitor passes may be required at certain locations at UNC Health, including the Children’s Hospital. Visitor passes can be requested at Guest Services.

Contact patient services at the UNC Health location you plan to visit for more information.

Pediatric Visitors

Young visitors may have certain restrictions for units at your UNC Health hospital. Talk to the care team or guest services at your hospital for guidelines or restrictions for pediatric visitors (visitors under age 18).

Waiting Areas

For your comfort and convenience, you’ll find waiting areas available throughout all UNC Health locations.

Wi-Fi Availability

Enjoy access to free Wi-Fi while you’re visiting a UNC Health location.

What Can We Help You Find?

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