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UNC Personal Health Advocate program works with many UNC Health Care programs and resources, including:

UNC Physicians Network

The more than 80 practices and over 300 providers of UNC Physicians Network are providing a full range of primary care and specialty services to people in 13 counties throughout North Carolina. Through operational support that helps each practice provide complete care to patients, UNCPN ensures more of North Carolina has access to the expertise and compassionate care provided by the UNC Health Care system.
UNCPN practices are patient centered. Our physicians are trained to assist patients in the prevention, detection and treatment of illness. The goal of each is to help our patients achieve optimum well-being through education, anticipatory guidance and strategic medical interventions. UNCPN is committed to a long and healthy relationship with our patients and their families.

For more information on the UNC Physicians Network, visit their website at:


UNC Health Alliance

Guided by a physician-led Board of Managers, the Health Alliance is a network of both UNC Health Care providers and independent, community providers who have voluntarily come together to improve patient health and well-being, and to form true care partnerships.

UNC Health Alliance, as a clinically integrated network, delivers high-quality accessible care for patients through collaboration, sharing best practices, and leveraging the collective knowledge of our providers to benefit the communities we serve.

For more information on the UNC Health Alliance, visit their website at:


UNC Senior Alliance

UNC Senior Alliance is dedicated to the patient care of our Medicare population. As an Accountable Care Organization (ACO), the Senior Alliance aims to be a leader in population-health management.

This network of hospitals, primary and specialty care providers includes UNC Health Care providers, including physicians at UNC REX, UNC Physicians Network and UNC Medical Center, and independent, community providers, dedicated to provide outcomes-driven results for the patients they care for.

For more information on the UNC Senior Alliance, visit their website at: