Your Program

The UNC Personal Health Advocate Program is a service that provides support and management of health care needs for eligible participants. Work as a partner with your care team, optimizing your own medical care and making the choices that are best for you!

Care Management

The intent of the Personal Health Advocate Care Management Program is to customize, coordinate, and support you in managing your care.

Services include:

  • Forming relationships with you and your Providers to assure coordination of services and communication among the care team
  • Helping you understand your diagnosis, condition and/or medications prescribed
  • Outreaching to you after an emergency room visit or discharge from a hospital to ensure any necessary follow-up care is in place
  • Helping you schedule appointments with your primary provider, specialists and/or home-based care
  • Accompanying you, upon request, to medical appointments to help ask questions and coordinate after visit instructions
  • Connecting you to community resources that can support your care, such as meal assistance programs, transportation services and counseling services


Participants are enrolled in the Personal Health Advocate Program based on their individual care needs. If you qualify, a Personal Health Advocate will contact you directly via telephone or letter.

Transitions Services

Recently in the emergency room or released from the hospital? You may receive a phone call from a Transitions Case Manager who will be working on behalf of your primary care provider’s office after your discharge. Your Transitions Case Manager can provide helpful coaching, education, and resources to make for a smooth shift back home. Transitions Case Managers assist with notifying your primary care provider of your current status after hospitalization or an ED visit, scheduling follow-up appointments and providing referrals to specialists or other services like transportation, pharmacy support, or resources in your community, as needed.

Specialist Services

The Personal Health Advocate Program also offers specialist services as part of your overall care management. Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Dietitians are available to provide additional support to assist you in your health journey.