Population Health

Population Health applies to many different initiatives that aim to improve care or outcomes for patients with a certain condition, chronic disease, or health issue.

The Population Health group within PQI works with many groups in the Health Care System to design, build and utilize tools that help providers and staff deliver high quality care to large populations of patients. With guidance from physician subject matter experts , we work with UNC Health Care System Information Services Division to build tools in the Electronic Health Record (EHR) that help providers and staff identify patients who are not meeting care standards or need additional attention. This includes reports and dashboards in the EHR that help physicians and clinics see how well they are taking care of populations of patients and compare their performance to others in the Health Care System.

For example, clinics can see how many patients are up-to-date with colon cancer screening and find patients are who are overdue. They can also see how many of their diabetes patients have good blood sugar control and find patients who need assistance with their blood sugar control. We help clinics learn how to incorporate these tools into their daily work through toolkits and support from Implementation Coaches.

The PQI Population Health group has been asked to showcase some of their work at conferences hosted by the EHR vendor, where Health Care Systems share innovative work that they are doing.

If you have questions about Population Health, contact either Practice Quality & Innovation.