Practice Support Rounds (PSR)

The UNCPN Quality and Performance Improvement Department provides oversight for Patient Safety/Risk Management for UNCPN, Nash, and Johnston outpatient clinics across 14 counties. This initiative requires regular auditing of practice operations, and covers the following clinical dimensions:

  • Patient Assessment and Clinical Documentation
  • Staff Training
  • Medication Management
  • Physical Environment/Life Safety
  • Infection Prevention
  • Lab/Imaging Services

Our efforts follow the requirements of various regulatory agencies, including the Center for Disease Control, the North Carolina Board of Nursing, the North Carolina Board of Medicine, and many others.

This program supports our efforts to provide safe care by ensuring that our clinics are running safe operations for our practice. Patient safety is an utmost concern for the clinics that provide trusted services to our patients.

Our goal is to reach 100% perfect scores across all network practices; our efforts have led to dramatic, sustained improvement across the network.

If you have questions about PSR, contact Practice Quality & Innovation.