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Medical Control

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For our adult team, medical control is provided by the attending physician in the UNC Adult Emergency Department. Our protocols are such that crews are rarely required to contact medical control, but may always do so either by radio or telephone.

Dr. Marshall McCoy is the medical director for Carolina Air Care. Dr. McCoy is instrumental in designing our adult team protocols, monthly education and case review. Dr. McCoy also participates in our skills labs.


For our pediatric team, medical control is provided by the attending/fellow physician for the PICU/NICU. All transports by the Carolina Air Care Pediatric Team require a consult with medical control. Our pediatric team acts as the eyes and ears for our physicians allowing them to formulate in institute a treatment plan even before the patient arrives at UNC Hosptials.

Dr. Karen Wood is the Associate Medical Director for the Carolina Air Care Pediatric Team. Dr. Wood is heavily involved in protocols, monthly education, case review, skills labs and new team member orientation.

Dr. Benny Joyner assists Dr. Karen Wood with PICU transfers and admissions.


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