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Components of the UNC Health Care System  
  • About 1,800 UNC-Chapel Hill faculty physicians and physicians-in-training who provide care for patients in North Carolina.
  • A world-class academic medical center, including a top-ranked public medical school and modern hospitals for children, women, neurologic and psychiatric patients, and general adult patient care.
  • A constellation of nationally recognized centers of clinical excellence, including such areas of special expertise as burn care, cancer treatment, diabetes, gastrointestinal diseases, obstetrics, organ transplant and pediatrics.
  • A network of UNC-owned community medical practices across central North Carolina.
  • A home health agency licensed to provide services in 37 North Carolina counties and an associated multi-county hospice program.
  • Emergency and urgent care facilities in Chapel Hill that provide around-the-clock services for accident and trauma victims and for people with minor, but urgent medical needs.
  • An air and ground patient transportation system that provides helicopter service statewide from Chapel Hill and community-based ambulance transportation from a growing number of sites outside the Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill area.
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