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The UNC Health Care Blood Donation Center (formally Platelet Donor Program) was founded in 1997 to help supply the patients of UNC Hospitals with necessary blood products from volunteer donors. Currently we specialize in the collection of platelets and plasma by apheresis (ay-fer-EE-sis). These products are essential for use throughout UNC Hospitals for patients of all ages, from birth to the elderly. The patients that receive donated platelets from our center receive platelets for many different reasons, ranging from those needing surgery or procedures, critically ill patients, those with inherited bleeding disorders and most commonly, for the treatment of cancer patients, particularly those with leukemia and lymphoma.


About Platelets...

Platelets are small, disc-shaped cells that circulate in the blood after they are made in the bone marrow. Platelets’ role in the blood is to stop the bleeding that occurs when blood vessels are damaged. They form a platelet plug, or patch, in the blood vessel wall and begin the process of repairing the vessel. Platelets in healthy individuals are constantly being replenished by the bone marrow because their life span is about one week. The bone marrow is injured during treatments for certain types of cancer, most frequently leukemia and other blood cancers; these patients frequently need transfusions of platelets to make up for the weakened bone marrow. Other patients require platelet transfusions because their bone marrow cannot keep up with the body’s rapid use of platelets during bleeding or because of an inherited problem with their own platelets. A single apheresis platelet donation contains as many platelets as are normally present in six whole blood donations combined.


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I am a Platelet Donor video

Watch how platelet donors share their support for cancer survivors.

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Platelet Shop video

Enjoy this toe tapping mashup invitation to the "Platelet Shop."

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Give Platelets video

Educating the community about different ways to support platelet donation.


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