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How to Get MORE Involved...

Host a Pizza Party

We want to make donating platelets rewarding and fun for your friends, too. You already know how easy it is to save a life, so now invite others to help! We will order FREE PIZZA and give away a FREE MOVIE TICKET to each donor in a group of 3 or 4 donors who come in at the same time.

Organize a Platelet Drive

You can lead the way to the Blood Donation Center! If you are a member of an organization that wants to serve others as a group, this is the perfect fit. We will be happy to reserve an entire day for your friends at work, on your dorm floor, in your sorority/fraternity or any other gang of people who want to make a difference as a group!

Every day, patients at UNC Health Care require platelet transfusions. Giving platelets is an excellent way to give back to the community. By organizing a platelet drive, you’ll not only help those who need blood, you’ll make it easy for others do the same. Learn how to make it happen at

Join our Volunteer Committee

Become an ambassador for the Blood Donation Center by volunteering with our Recruitment Committee. We want to invite the entire community to learn more about platelet donation and you can help build awareness in a variety of ways. If you are comfortable at public speaking or at inviting people individually to donate as you hand out flyers, you are qualified to be part of our team!


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