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Outpatient Care Services

UNC Clinics

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Outpatient Care Services offers a wide range of primary care, specialty care, diagnostic, therapeutic, rehabilitative, laboratory and surgical services.  Last year, over one million people received innovative and quality care at over 130 clinics and three surgical centers. Outpatient clinics and services are conveniently located at the main hospital campus in Chapel Hill, the Hillsborough Medical office building and outpatients centers located in the community.

We also offer you a way to see your medical information on-line via My UNC Chart. Enrolled patients can use it any time of day or night, as long as they have Internet access. Learn how to sign up for an account when you visit your outpatient clinic or service. This service is free. Once you have an account, you will be able to:
  • View scheduled appointments
  • Make appointments for selected clinics (more coming)
  • Pay bills on line
Thank you for choosing UNC Health Care and our Outpatient Services!
Please see the below list with telephone numbers for making appointments and click the links for additional information like fax number, address, and hours.
Clinics are listed in order by UNC Hospitals Outpatient Clinics, UNC Faculty Physicians Clinics, and UNC Physicians Network Clinics. 

UNC Hospitals Outpatient Clinics & Services  



Heart & Vascular Center at Meadowmont 1-866-862-4327

UNC Hospitals Cardiac Rehabilitation at UNC Wellness Center at Meadowmont (919) 843-2154

UNC Cardiology Outreach Clinic at Caswell Family Medical Center 1-866-862-4327

UNC Heart Rhythm Specialists at Rex 1-866-862-4327


Diabetes & Endocrine

UNC Hospitals Diabetes & Endocrinology Clinic at Meadowmont (984) 974-2950



UNC Hospitals Adult Oncology Clinics 1-866-869-1856

UNC Hospitals Adult Oncology Outpatient Infusion Center 1-866-869-1856

UNC Cancer Hospital Pediatric Hematology Oncology Outpatient Clinic (919) 843-2989

UNC Hospitals - BMT Clinic and Infusion (919) 966-0931

UNC Hospitals Department of Radiation Oncology (919) 445-5295

The UNC Hospitals Oncology Hillsborough Campus (919) 595-5910

Gyn Oncology Clinic, Women's Hospital (919) 966-7822

UNC Gynecologic Oncology at Rex (919) 784-6875


Children’s Services

UNC Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic (General Clinic(919) 966-6669

Children's Specialty Clinics (919) 966-1401 

NC Children's Specialty Clinic - Raleigh (919) 783-7809 

N.C. Children's Specialty Clinic of Raleigh (919) 966-1401 

NC Children’s Heart Center – Chapel Hill 1-877-UNC-KIDS (862-5437) 

UNC Pediatric Heart Clinic @ Alamance Regional Medical Center – Burlington 1-877-UNC-KIDS (862-5437)

Carolina Children’s Cardiology – Cary 1-877-UNC-KIDS (862-5437)

Carolina Children’s Cardiology – Fayetteville 1-877-UNC-KIDS (862-5437)

Carolina Children’s Cardiology – Greensboro 1-877-UNC-KIDS (862-5437)

Carolina Children’s Cardiology – Raleigh 1-877-UNC-KIDS (862-5437)

Carolina Children’s Cardiology – Wilmington 1-877-UNC-KIDS (862-5437)


Geriatric - Primary Care

UNC Hospitals Geriatric Specialty Clinic (919) 957-6599



UNC Hospital Obstetrics Clinic (919) 966-2131

UNC Hospitals OB Ultrasound (984) 974-2131



Gastroenterology (GI)

UNC Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (919) 966-6000, ext. 3

UNC Hospital GI Surgery and Burn Specialty Clinic at Memorial Hospital (919) 966-2225


UNC Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology (919) 966-6000, ext. 3


Speech and Hearing Therapy

UNCH Rehabilitation Therapies Voice Center at Carolina Crossing (919) 490-3716



UNC Urology Medical Center Office (919) 966-1315

UNC Urology at Carolina Point I (919) 966-1315

UNC Urology at Burlington (336) 584-6300



UNC Hospitals Spine Center 919-957-6789



Rheumatology Specialty Clinic (919) 966-4191



Vascular Interventional Radiology Clinic (VIR Clinic), Basement Cancer Center Hospital (919) 843-3208



Pharmacy, Ambulatory Care Center (919) 966-7692



UNC Hospital Pulmonary Specialty Clinic (984) 974-5703

Pulmonary Function Lab (919) 966-4531

Physical Therapy Department and Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Wellness Center at Meadowmont (919) 595-9637


Physical Therapy /Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy Department and Pulmonary Rehabilitation,Wellness Center at Meadowmont (919) 595-9637

UNCH Rehabilitation Therapies at the Imaging and Spine Center (919) 957-6759

Physical and Occupational Therapy, Ambulatory Care Center (919) 966-4288

Rehabilitation Therapies at Carolina Pointe II (919) 957-6600

UNC Center for Rehabilitation Care 1-855-609-0803



UNC Hospital Dental Clinic (984) 974-0355


Benign Hematology

UNC Hospitals Benign Hematology Clinic (919) 490-1325


Outpatient Nutrition Clinic (919) 966-7890



UNC Hospitals Imaging Center (919) 966-1884

UNC Hospitals Laboratory and Radiology Services (919) 957-6588

UNC-Hospitals-Burlington Imaging and Breast Center (336) 524-9989



UNC Hospitals Laboratory and Radiology Services (919) 957-6588


Kidney and Hypertension

UNC Hospitals Kidney and Hypertension Specialty Clinic (984) 974-5706

UNC Kidney and Hypertension Clinic in Burlington (336) 538-4922



UNC Hospitals Transplant Clinic (919) 966-5100



UNC Hospital GI Surgery and Burn Specialty Clinic at Memorial Hospital (919) 966-2225


Wound and Podiatry

UNC Hospitals Wound Healing & Podiatry Center (919) 843-1900


Pain Management

UNC Hospitals Pain Management Center (919) 843-6688



UNC Hospitals Neurosurgery Clinic (919) 957-6855


Therapeutic Infusion

UNC Hospitals Therapeutic Infusion Center (919) 490-1325 


Occupational Health (For UNC Employees)

Occupational Health Service (919) 966-4480


UNC Faculty Physicians Clinics & Services

Family Medicine (Primary Care)

UNC Family Medicine Center (919) 966-0210


Eye Care

UNC Kittner Eye Center (919) 445-2020



UNC Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center at Southern Village (919) 966-2485

UNC Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center at Hillsborough (919) 966-2485

UNC Dermatology and Skin Cancer Center at Rex (919) 966-2485


Internal Medicine

General Internal Medicine Clinic (919) 966-1459



UNC Orthopaedics (919) 962-6637



Neurology Clinic at Prestwick Place (919) 966-4401


Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT/Otolaryngology)

Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery (984) 974-6484


Gastroenterology (GI)

Hillsborough Endoscopy Center (919) 843-7200



Infectious Disease

Infectious Disease Clinic 1-866-241-7586


Allergy and Immunology

Allergy and Immunology Clinic at Carolina Point II (919) 962-4824



UNC Gynecology Clinics (919) 843-1592

UNC Ob/Gyn at Timberlyne (919) 843-7005


Burn Reconstruction and Aesthetics

UNC Healthcare Burn Reconstruction and Aesthetic Center (919) 843-3734


Pelvic Health

UNC Pelvic Health Center at Rex (919) 882-0896


Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

UNC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinics @ UNC Center for Rehabilitation Care of Chapel Hill (919) 595-9630

UNC Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinics @ UNC Center for Rehabilitation Care of Raleigh (919) 595-9630



UNC Urology at Hillsborough (919) 595-5901


UNC Physicians Network Clinics

If you have questions about this website please contact Tammy McNamara. If you have questions about the services Outpatient Care Services provides, please contact UNC HealthLink at (919) 966-7890. 


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