Nutrition & Food Services
Your meals are important to you and to us. If you are a patient on a diet that allows you to select your own food while in the hospital, you may use our extensive Restaurant Delivery menu to call and order your meals whenever you like. We have our full menu available from 7AM-8PM and a late night version available from 8PM-7AM. If, for medical reasons, you are on a special diet, you will be given food choices that meet specific dietary guidelines set by your doctor. Nutrition education is available for patients with special needs. The department provides professional consultation by clinical dietitians who work with patients, doctors, nurses, and other patient care team members to provide education and nutritional information. Patients will receive meals at the following times:
Patient Meal Services
The vision of our department mirrors the hospital's vision to be the nation's leading nutrition and food service department with our innovative approach to food service. We serve over 2,000 patient meals daily and our Clinical Dietitians perform over 2,500 monthly consultations with patients in our facilities. We are proud to provide the patient service needs of our customers.
Gifts and Snacks
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