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Chaplain Services

Trained staff chaplains are available to provide spiritual care and support to patients and family members.

  •  Spiritual support
  • Compassionate listening
  • Care without judgment or advice
  • Help in preparing for death
  • Help in memorial service planning
  • Grief counseling

But I’m not religious.
Not all people are religious, but all of us are spiritual.  The spark of life glows in each person and connects us to the great story of Life.  What  nurtures that spark for you?  What gives you a sense of awe, of wonder, of gratitude, of belonging?  The chaplain will respect your way of life and will encourage you to resolve any issues that are causing difficulty for you or your family.

                                 The spiritual is whatever allows us to notice the miraculous nature of life.
                                                                     - Aurora Levins Morales

What can I expect from the hospice chaplain?
The chaplain does not preach at you, judge you, or try to convert you, but seeks to offer spiritual care, respecting your own views of life. 

The chaplain will look with you at the big questions that arise when the end of earthly life approaches.  Drawing on your own beliefs and values, the chaplain offers support through caring presence and nonjudgmental listening.

When it is meaningful to the patient or family, the chaplain may offer prayer, reading, singing, guided imagery, rituals, and sacraments.

What gives life meaning?
We all long for meaning and purpose. Dealing with a terminal illness can bring focus and clarity and also many conflicting feelings. What are the core values and beliefs you have lived by?  The chaplain can help you identify your own strengths for meeting the end of earthly life in a way that feels authentic and satisfying to you.

Possible reasons for calling your hospice chaplain:
•    When feeling fearful or anxious
•    When feeling angry or frustrated
•    When feeling helpless
•    When your faith is challenged
•    When your faith feels strong
•    When you want communion
•    When you want a blessing
•    When you want to ask “Why me?”
•    When you feel like crying
•    When you feel like praying
•    When you don’t know how to pray
•    When full of dread or despair
•    When full of joy and gratitude
•    When you need forgiveness
•    When you need to forgive
•    When you want to talk about things that matter most
•    When you already have a pastor and want extra support
•    When you want a representative of your own faith group

Hospice seeks to improve the overall quality of life for persons living with terminal illness and for their families. Make the most of the time you have with your loved ones.

Living with a terminal illness gives you and your family some time to say The Five Key Things:

                                                                         I  love you.

                                                                   Please forgive me. 

                                                                        I forgive you.

                                                                          Thank you.


                                                          - See Dying Well  by Ira Byock

If you have questions about how a chaplain might be of help to you and your family, please call us at (919) 542-5545

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