Physical Therapy at the Ambulatory Care Center (ACC)

Located in the ACC which is a separate facility from the main hospital, located on Mason Farm Rd.



The Physical Therapy Department at the ACC offers a patient centered treatment approach for a variety of patient needs. Our staff is expert at guiding patients from a life of decreased ability to a renewed command of their daily activities. We are skilled at rehabilitation techniques for:
  • Post-operative rehabilitation recovery
  • Aging-related problems such as imbalance, instability, arthritic pain
  • Recent or chronic muscle and/or joint pain or loss of movement
  • Headaches associated with neck pain
  • Sciatica and generalized back pain
By combining an individualized exercise program with scientifically based orthopedic practice, activity training and education, and manual therapy techniques, we help our patients become their very best. 

To schedule an appointment

Please call (919) 966-4288

You may also fax a prescription to (919) 966-0348


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