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Supplemental Retirement Plans

UNC Health Care offers its employees a variety of supplemental retirement options in the form of 401(k) and Deferred Compensation (457) Plans. The eligibility requirements vary from plan to plan. Please see the tables below to determine your eligibility, plan contribution limits, withdrawal provisions, and other relevant plan information.

Supplemental Retirement Plan Decision Guide

Click here to view a Voluntary Supplemental Retirement Program Comparison.

Click here to submit a one-time contribution amount for existing accounts.

Click here to submit a 457(b) Deferral Agreement for an existing accounts.


  1. Contact a UNC Health Care approved vendor from the list below or follow the Online Enrollment directions provided.
  2. For 401(k) or 457 plans, follow your representative’s instructions.
  3. Know your yearly contribution limits and monitor your account to avoid exceeding it. 
Why You Need Retirement Account Image

How to Enroll in the UNC System 457(b) Plan
Step 1. Complete a Voluntary Deferral Agreement.

Click here for the form and instructions. You must submit the completed form to your HR/Benefits office before any contributions can be accepted into your account.

Step 2. Select your investments.

To enroll in the Fidelity 457 visit (on or after March 1) and Fidelity Fund Information
To enroll in TIAA-CREF visit


List of Approved Vendors
for UNC Health Care's Supplemental Retirement Plans
North Carolina Supplemental Retirement Plans
401(k) Roth
North Carolina Supplemental Retirement Plans
(457) Plan
Fidelity 457(b) 457(b) Roth   919-257-8674
TIAA-CREF 457(b) 457(b) Roth   919-687-5223


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