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Thank you so much for your interest in the New Graduate Nurse Residency Program at UNC Hospitals!

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Nursing Employment recognizes that this is a very exciting and anxious time for all new graduates. To minimize calls and emails to Nursing Employment, this update is to inform you of the progress in setting interviews.

Nursing Employment is approximately half-way through the process of identifying and scheduling candidates for interviews for the Summer/Fall 2015 hiring. Currently, there are 50 positions yet to be filled. The final number of candidates with complete application packets was 640. Approximately 120 people will be selected for interviews. Selections are made based upon a complex screening of: 1) academic performance; 2) candidate area of interest; 3) work history and 4) letter of introduction.

We will continue to interview candidates until all positions are filled starting with our first Residency start date in June until our last Residency start date in October. If you have not received notification that you are no longer being considered, then your application is still active and under consideration. If selected for interviews, candidates are called and are sent emails to finalize the scheduling of interviews. As candidates are no longer considered, they will receive notification of that decision. If you are no longer interested in the new graduate nurse residency program, you may update your application and indicate “Has Declined”.

We continue to thank you for your patience and look forward to continuing to work with candidates for an opportunity to interview for our new grad nurse residency program.



If you have any specific questions, please send an email to:

Mailing address:
Nursing Employment Office
UNC Healthcare
Hedrick Building, Suite 1030
211 Friday Center Drive
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

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