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Selecting the Best for UNC Health Care

As part of our Commitment to Caring, UNC Health Care has initiated the Hiring for Excellence program. The tools used in this program have proven effective in identifying candidates who best fit the positions for which they are applying. Through Hiring for Excellence, we are better able to select and retain outstanding team members whose contribution will further UNC Health Care’s mission to become the nation’s leading public academic medical center.

Behavioral Interviewing

Applicants selected to continue through the hiring process will be interviewed using behavioral-based questions. To prepare for a behavioral interview:

  • List the required and preferred skills and qualities noted in the job description. 
  • Thinking of specific times in your education, employment and volunteer experience, hobbies, etc… when you exhibited these characteristics. 
  • Search the internet or check the library for samples of relevant behavioral interview questions. You will be asked about unsuccessful scenarios as well as your positive experiences. 
  • Practice giving responses to the questions. Each of your answers should have three parts:
    1. The situation or task faced
    2. Your action or inaction
    3. The result.

Candidates who prepare for this process prior to interviewing will increase their chances for a productive experience, and those hired using this method will help sustain our culture of extraordinary service and operational excellence.

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