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There's no quick fix for health care problems


As the presidential election nears, and the democratic primary hits full speed, health care — it's growing costs and looming problems — weighs on the minds of voters. Jonathan Oberlander, Ph.D., associate professor of Social Medicine in UNC's School of Medicine and associate professor of health policy and administration in the School of Public Health, breaks down the candidates’ health care plans and explains how health care effects our economy.

Dr. Oberlander says health care and health care reform will be the most prominent domestic issues, after the economy, in this election cycle. He calls the current system fragmented and in need of a well thought through solution. The alternative is an explosion of uninsured Americans in the hundreds of thousands. Oberlander is a specialist in health care politics and policy and in issues in American health care reform. He is the author of, "Presidential Politics and the Resurgence of Health Care Reform," which appeared in The New England Journal of Medicine, Nov. 2007.

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