Frequently Asked Questions

UNC Hospitals School of Nuclear Medicine Technology and Molecular Imaging

Is it true there is no tuition? 

Yes, it is true that we do not charge tuition. 

What are the costs of the program?

Each student is required to buy their own books, uniforms, health insurance, and provide their own housing.

Does the University provide housing and food?

No, the program is owned and operated by the hospital and has no affiliation to the University.  Each student is responsible for their own housing and food while they are enrolled in the school.

Can I take any of the courses part-time or on-line?

No, the program is an inclusive, thirty-five hour per week experience that must be completed from start to finish in its entirety.

Do I get paid for my clinical time in the program?

No, the clinical time is part of your training in the program and is a requirement for graduation and qualification for taking the certification exams.

What certification boards will I be qualified to take?

Upon completion of the program you will be eligible to take the NMTCB (Nuclear Medicine Technology Certification Board).  If you complete all of the necessary competencies during your clinical training, you will also be eligible to take the ARRT certification test.  For more information on the exams, please visit, or

When does the program begin and end?

Classes begin either the first week of September or the last week of August (depending on the year), and run until the end of the following August.

What is the program outcome been over the past several years?

We are very proud of the board pass rate of 100% since 2003 (when the current program director started).

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